Three Thought Thursday

1.) Grandmas Half Marathon – In just as little as three weeks from now I’ll be toeing the line at the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon. Ten co-workers and I are all going up for either the expo, or to run or both! All seven of us from the “west wing” in the office are running. The “full time” staff is running the half marathon, and all three interns are running in the marathon. We’ve even created a corporate team to compete against other small businesses. I’m not sure we’re going to win any awards for speed, but its going to be super fun running with my co-workers and hanging out afterwards!

2.) Eli – With the news of Tyler aging and getting sick, Jason wanted to get our new dog in before Tyelr goes out. I struggled with the idea at first. Three dogs, and the thought of “replacing” Tyler before he was even gone was a little overwhelming .Until I met the new puppy! We’re going to name him Eli, and he is a Cane Corso – Italian Mastiff. You can read all about the breed here. We get to bring him home next Friday 6/7.

3.) Neighbors – I can say with ease and confidence I have such great neighbors! Yesterday one of our neighbors 2.5 year old went missing, and at least 20 neighbors were instantly combing the neighborhood looking for him! He was found five minutes later completely safe chasing after another neighbors dog! 🙂  and neighbors were continuing to support making sure he was found and physically relieved when they found out he was…. While we mainly socialize with about 8 of them, its so nice to know that we can all come together. I cherish my neighbors that I’m close with, and i hope that we continue to foster our relationships over the years. Cheers to summer and bonfires with the neighbors.


Unexpected news.

I’m so sorry, but all of this area on the x-ray… its bone cancer.

In three words my heart-was-broken.


Tyler our 8 year old Rottweiler who has been such an amazing companion, and protector of our family since 2005 began limping around last Saturday (May11). I didn’t think a lot of it, after all, he’s 8 years old, and our younger dog Sadie (a 1.5 year old JRT) was just limping the week before, which resolved with no problems.

So I waited for a few days to see if it would get better, but last night, (Thursday) he was waking up whimpering, so I knew something more serious was up. I instantly brought up WebMD and sites like it on my Nook in bed and was up until almost 1:00 a.m. trying to self diagnose my dog. I spent almost 5 years in the medical field, and have now spent over 8 years out of the medical field, so you can imagine, i’m much like a lay person now-a-days. I tell you….these sites perpetuate hypochondria I tell you, but I couldn’t help myself.

I decided first thing in the morning I would call the vet and get him in and get him seen. I had settled based on my “vast veterinary knowledge and experience” that he had somehow dislocated his shoulder, even though I’m not sure where he would have experienced that kind of trauma or rough housing. This was a “wake up one saturday and limp” kind of deal.

So I digress….

We were able to make a 4pm visit at our old veterinary clinic 20 miles away in our hometown! Tyler had gone there before when we first had gotten him, and they are an extremely friendly mom and pop kind of shop.

Jason was off working so I had to get him in the vehicle myself which was a real treat. First I propped his front legs up in the back/trunk of my SUV, and then with all my might, grabbed his rear/waist and hoisted him in! I was rather proud of myself and my efforts!

Once we arrived, the vet actually came right to the car in the rain and performed the first part of the exam right in the trunk! (Talk about customer service!). Still all the while i’m telling the vet, “So do you feel that on the medial section of his scapula and humerus?” (???) …and all the while he’s being so nice and agreeing with me, except i’m pretty sure I’m making stuff up, and he doesn’t want me to feel bad.

He agrees right away that Tyler needs x-rays. I asked him if he had any thoughts and he said he wanted to get some x-rays before he was certain.

So K and I waited in the waiting room, and we could hear Tyler crying in the background from straightening his leg, or getting it into position I can imagine. It was actually pitifully sad. K found a kids book about your dog going to heaven which I didn’t want to read to her because our dog wasn’t dying he had a dislocated shoulder! Because remember I am now a self proclaimed “home vet” thanks to WebMD or WebVet University! I read the book anyways all the while thinking it was going to cause needless angst, but it was a very very nice book about what dog heaven is like.

Well the Vet called us into the room, and showed us the x-ray. “Right here you can see healthy bone”, and I was sure he was about to point out his arthritis which I already knew about, but instead he says, “see where the bone looks all fuzzy?” (which was on both sides of the upper humerus (legitimately)), and then he looks me square in the eyes. That is all bone cancer…..


He said, I’m so sorry, but that is all bone cancer. I could feel it outside in the car, but I wanted to be certain before I said anything to you….

It comes on extremely fast, and its extremely aggressive. After talking a bit more I asked him the obvious, “How long?”. He said months.

So I said, “Like you’re saying, in less than six months?”

-and he said… “more like 2, or maybe even 1…. he’s going to continue to have pain, and his bone might even break entirely…its metastatic in nature, meaning it will spread to his lungs etc… its extremely painful, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do, i’m just so sorry…”.


and more tears

I knew the end would be near. Rotties only have a life expectancy of 8-10 years, and 12 if you’re lucky… but I didn’t think it’d be so soon. He mentioned his Rottweiler died of the same thing not too long ago…..

Right now I’m not ok, and I won’t be ok until he’s resting, and even then I’m in the midst of loosing a family member. Those that have pets really really get it, and those that don’t even agree that its hard.

I haven’t lost a pet since I was 15 years old when my families cat died, and Tyler is my first dog. My protector.

My best friend.

So we’re keeping him comfortable until that fateful day, or that day that things get too bad….. I’m going to hug him, and love him… and miss him like hell along the way. I feel already like a part of my heart died and he’s still here.

After I told Jason the unbelievably sad news that our first “child” was going to die in a month or two I called K’s godparents (because I knew they’d be home, and they’ve been through it before), and just bawled my eyes out to them. They instantly came over to hang out with us and help me get Tyler out of my SUV.

I’m hoping an Angel comes tonight. Until then, i’m going to curl up on the floor next to Tyler, while I still can…

Three Thought Thursday

1.) Man its hot! – I know I should be squarely punched in the face right now for even saying such a thing, but man – we went from 40 degrees to 98 degrees on Monday, 70s yesterday, which was perfect by the way, and then mid 80s today! We didn’t get any acclimation period. We just went from winter to summer, BAM! I’m not totally complaining though, I am loving sundresses every day because it feels like pajamas!

2.) Gas prices suck! – I finally HAD to get gas today, and paid up the nose for it! $4.29 per gallon to be exact. This is gas prices gone wild! Its utterly ridiculous. “They” are blaming it on two or three refineries in Chicago closing indefinitely, and have basically told us, get used to it suckers, cos it aint goin’ down! Perhaps I need to dust off my bike helmet, and hook up the burley, cos I just paid nearly $70 to fill up my gas tank which will last me all of a week!

3.) Chardonnay – I probably haven’t mentioned on this blog how much I LOVE red wine, but since its ‘too hot’ as of late to be sipping room temperature liquids, I’ve moved on to Chardonnay. I think it sounds classy, and tells me I’m sophisticated! (nevermind that i’m drinking it out of a box in my fridge, but hey its Bota Box at least!). On this note, my friend Annie and I are re-instating “Wine on the Deck Thursday’s” since its “hot out”. She is one of my best gal pals since middle school/high school!

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This amazing dish was shared to me by my co-worker Greg! Versatile as ever its really a foodies dream!

Take Quiona, Olive Oil & Chicken as the base, and then add in any vegetable that your heart desires.

This dish is all about the chef’s choices. You can cook the chicken in the oven. I believe this offers the best taste, but it also takes approximately 45 minutes to bake chicken at 350 degrees. I am a busy working mother of a six year old, so I usually take the easy road, and commit culinary crime and BOIL my chicken! Yes… I know. Sad. I’ve been referred to as a communist.
So I BOIL my frozen chicken, but not completely. I have some culinary hope. Once its nice and pinked up  and almost cooked I throw it in my wok with some EVOO and cook that up and chop up into nice little pieces with my wooden spoon.
Then I usually pour myself a nice glass of wine!
Now its time for the chop! I grab whatever produce I have on hand, which I usually have a lot, because who doesn’t love to nourish their bodies with super yummy vegetables? Today. It was carrots, peppers, and Kale! (my new favorite versatile food.) but honestly grab whatever you think sounds delicious. You really can’t put anything in it that would be wrong!
Once your chicken is cooked, throw in the veggies, and add a little more EVOO.
Cook up your Quiona. Its usually 1 part quiona and 2 parts water, but I find that makes it too watery, so I usually make 1 cup quiona and 1.5 cups of water. I put in my pampered chef micro cooker, and microwave for about 8 minutes or so. Stove top is fine too, and probably easier in some regards.
When all of the water is cooked out of the quiona add some EVOO, and add some Lowry’s garlic salt to taste.
Throw some soy sauce and Lowry’s garlic salt to the veggie/chicken mix.
Plate up!
Bon Appetite
Time to eat.

What’s in a name?

I was reading through Matthew chapter 1 – verses 1-17, “Person A is the father of person B, Person B is the father of person C” and so forth… There are straight names for 17 verses, and like the book of numbers and judges its so easy to just skip over this entire section… but what I noticed was Rahab was mentioned. And it got me thinking… wow… God has such a huge plan for us. It might not have anything to do with what we can imagine. I’m sure Rahab NEVER thought she would one day be the great great great great…. (etc) grandmother to Jesus.

Now – while i’m not a prositute – I definitely need rescuing and have my own sins that i’m accountable for, and there can be seasons in my life that I feel down, or wonder what life’s purpose is. For some reason this song kept popping into my head while reading chapter 1, and i just kept thinking of Rahab.

I’m sure Kerrie Roberts didn’t write this song from Rahab’s perspective… but she easily could have.

I can’t imagine what story will continue to unfold in the next thousand years!

Happy Mother’s Day

I had such a Happy Mother’s Day!

K woke me up with kisses, and peered at me bright eyed and bushy tailed exclaiming, “Happy Mothers Day” in her sing-song-silly voice! Gosh I just love that girl! I can’t ever get enough of her. Since it was Mothers Day, she thought it best to awaken me at 7:30 a.m. So I finally moseyed out of bed around 8:00 a.m. and we had a delightful breakfast of Lucky Charms (aka mom doesn’t have to do much breakfast). Then we went off to our new church at 9:30 service.

We then ran a few errands to Caribou Coffee & Cub foods, and then headed to “The Lakes” to go running 2.3 miles! I pushed K in the jogger, which is a challenge now that she weighs 40lbs, but I took it as an added workout, and figured that the equivalent time, “mom graded time” which is much like “age graded time” would be more like 4 miles!

We then came home to enjoy some relaxation time before heading out to dinner with the extended family. (My parents, brother & his family, and sister & her family). We enjoyed things like burgers & tacos and shared family stories. After dinner K and I headed to my sisters house to play with her cousins.

Finally, we were back home again. I put little miss to bed, and then watched some Nashville on Hulu, and headed to bed myself.

Happy Mothers Day!

John – How He Loves

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

I’m in a strange season in life. On February 20th after speaking to my
neighbors 26 year old son- who was living at their house – after he was
discharged from the Marines – he shot and killed himself outside
in the street.
I heard the gunshot though I didn’t know that that sound belonged with him until 20 minutes later.
I’ve wondered relentlessly to myself these past three months what the purpose is in me
talking to him moments before his unforeseen death, and though I have
an idea how God will use that – all I can do right now is lean into all power verses
that speak of Gods incredible love for us.This song has been a source of refuge for me.
Imagining that God himself is holding me like father holds his child
when they are sad afraid, and tired.

*There are no pictures – just a blank screen. I invite you to close
your eyes and drink in these truths*

And done.

I will have to go back and post the rest of my thoughts from the other chapters, but I am officially done reading through the entire bible! I will continue to blog my thoughts here however.

It was an incredible journey. If I think back to the first post and where I was a year ago with my understanding of who God was, and how much he unbelievably loves me is unexplainable in a blog post!

For the sake of time – since I fell off the wagon, but still want to capture thoughts – with your permission I’m going to post small clip videos and songs of what spoke to me through the new testament, and as I get time I will go back and add commentary.

My goal for the summer is to really go back through Psalms and rake it through and drink it in! In my small group right now we are raking through Galatians, and that has been a blessing to me to sink in now and get deep with the word.