So as you know i’m taking part of a challenge that leads up to Valentines Day! Its just little things you can do to show your spouse that you love them etc. Day 1 was to greet your husband at the door. I feel that so many times you lose the connectedness that you once had when you were first married. (Don’t worry, we’re doing fine, but we are a bit more “routine” now)

Challenge two is to greet your husband at the door, and HUG.
Jason and I started recently kissing when we part. (which hopefully I don’t give any of the challenges away too soon). In a marriage series at church they gave us homework to kiss your spouse when you leave for 6 seconds. SIX seconds? That’s a long time! But it makes a huge difference.
Jason is a SAHD, so its kind of hard for me to greet him at the door, but sometime if I’m ever home, and he’s not, I can’t WAIT to greet him at the door! So for now, we kiss at our parting.

Happy Wednesday!

Had a great day at work today. No particular reason, but was energetic, and upbeat nonetheless, even though I didn’t go to bed until 12:30am! And I will probably do it again tonight! Came home, and greeted my husband with a hug, and a smooch, and asked him how his day with Kirra went. They didn’t make it to the gym, but he’s going to just skip it tonight and go tomorrow.

I had LOTS of running around to do tonight, so I just cooked a quick microwave dinner for the three of us, (because I like to cook), and then Kirra and I went to AWANA for the first time. Its basically Sunday School for kids. She really liked it. I was the only parent there. Everyone else leaves there kids at church and go off shopping,or on a date night. Does anyone else go to Awana and leave there kids there? This is not my home church that I go to. I think if I was just “dropping” her off at Eagle Brook I’d have a totally different approach, but I don’t know these people. It was fun though. I will bring books to read while she is in her lesson, and perhaps someday I may run across the street (literally) to Target.

After AWANA Kirra and I flew into target to get stuff for the cabin. I’ll be dropping Kirra off at my parents for 3 nights & 4 days. It will be the longest she’s ever been away from us. While I will be sad,it will be nice for Jason and I to spend some time together as just adults, and for longer than just a date night! So,i’m excited.

Need to read and journal tonight, and of course watch Days of our lives. Tomorrow is my last day at work until Monday! Nice vacation :)Can’t wait!

14 Day Challenge

So as some of you know, I followed this blog about a little preemie named Kayleigh. She was truely a miracle. Her mom Aimee has a blog as well, its called Women’s Marriage Ministry. To give tips, and advice to wives who are at all different stages of their marriages.

Beginning today, leading up to Valentines day, we’re taking part of this 14 day challenge, to do different little things each day! I’m so excited to get started! You can read more about it here: http://womensmarriageministry.blogspot.com/

Last week of January!

So its the last week of January! Phew! Two more months until Spring. Yahoo! I used to love the winter time! Except that this winter we’re poor, so we can’t afford to do our favorite winter activities, so when we were teased last week with 30 degree weather I thought (actually) that we were done with cold weather for a little bit!

This week has already been busy! Yesterday we had swimming lessons, and today I went to the allergist to get tested, to only find out that I was slightly allergic to cockroaches! HA! Really? That’s just a crazy thing to be allergic to! They want to schedule a CT scan to check my sinus cavities and see what’s in there!
Tomorrow I’m taking Kirra to AWANA, which is basically Sunday school during the week. They do arts and crafts, and have flash cards as well. Thursday I am taking Kirra to my parents house, and getting my hair cut and then on Friday we take off for the cabin.
I need to get some film for the SLR camera.

Happy Friday

Well its finally Friday! I’m blogging in just the nick of time before Midnight! Jason is off playing poker, and I just finished a Days of our Lives Marathon! Kirra and I stayed home tonight, and had lots of fun. We watched Monsters Inc, and then took a nice long bath, splashing, and having fun! Then Kirra and I hung out in “mommy & daddy’s” bed, and read books before bed time. Now i’m just finishing up for the evening, and Tyler is warming up Jason’s spot! Hopefully Jason did well tonight. No pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow!

Pull Ups!

Happy Thursday everyone! Jason & Kirra went on a playdate over to Kurt & Hailey’s house today. Kurt is Jason’s friend from high school, and he is also a SAHD like Jason. Hailey is only 2 or 3 weeks older than Kirra, so they had lots of fun playing together. When I got home from work Kirra was still napping, and boy she was cranky when we woke her up for supper! Kirra did really really great with no lid again on her cup!

Well Kirra has been asking to go to the potty a lot more, and she also hates wearing diapers most of the time now. She will cry when she has to wear one. At least with me. So I have been taking her diapers, and velcroing the straps on, so she can step into them. Jason decided since we’re taking her to the potty a lot more now, he’d go buy her some pull-ups.

So she got her new Dora pull ups today! We tried them on tonight, and she really liked them. She’ll obviously wear a diaper at naptime, or at bedtime, but during the day we wanted something easier for not only her, but for us as well, since we’re doing the potty routine now. She probably only pee’s (hit or miss) twice a day, but slow and steady wins the race! (Or at least thats how we’re doing it).
Well i’m off to do a 2 miler before I go to my friends house to watch Greys & Private Practice 🙂