Buy me a Boat

According to my amazing co-worker Autumn – today’s $1.5 Billion lottery – if taken the cash option will still yield you $960 Million Dollars.

So of course I bought a ticket.

In fact – I went in with my co-workers and bought 80 tickets!

Powerball Jackpot

Purchased Powerball lottery tickets are shown Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Miami. The Powerball jackpot has grown to over $1 billion dollars for the next drawing on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

The entire way to work I listened to Chris Janson’s Buy me a Boat.

So I got to thinking… what would I do with the money? My husband has other ideas, but if it were entirely up to me… this is what I would do.


1.) Obviously pay off any debt we had.

2.) Buy 4 houses. Yeah – I know… 4.
a. Out of Ely Minnesota so that we could have a place to stay and travel to the BWCA
b. The Shores of Lake Superior – for the times we want to go up on the Gunflint or go downhill skiing at Lutsen!
c. The Florida Keys – you know… when MN experiences a polar vortex!
d. Our actual dream house with is kind of realistically attainable – which we would build regardless in the next 10-15 years – we hope! And procure more chickens, goats and cows, so I can live my dream of being a butter seller at the Minneapolis Farmers Market!


3.) Give $20-$50 Million to Eagle Brook Church to build more campuses in the Twin Cities!

4.) Buy an epic pontoon

5.) Travel to Bora Bora

6.) Make sure my mom was taken care of for the rest of her life.

7.) Save for my daughter to go to any school of her choice for any degree she chose

8.) Actually write books which I’ve been thinking about for years now.

9.)  Ok – maybe a Cabin on Madeline Island too!

10.) Travel semi-annually to the Napa & Sonoma Vineyards!

12.) Pay off my new Sport Ford Explorer  – oh yeah – P.s. I got a new car last November 😉 (as pictured!)16epr_pg_000_ext_full

13.) Buy a Platinum Ford Expedition for my husband

14.) Buy a Porche Carrera for date night

15.) Give $X Million dollars to Cancer Research

16.) Give $X Million dollars to Feed my Starving Children.

The rest I would put in separate accounts.  – one to invest in. one to live off of – one to save.

What would you do with $960 Million Dollars?


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