Well as you all know Kirra has been coughing since last October. And after seeing several pediatricians, specialists, and WAITING….. we’ve found answers. We’ve recently switched our main pediatrician and she ordered a swallow study to determine if Kirra has been aspirating (swallows food/drink into lungs), in addition to her reflux.

Well on Friday we did the swallow study at Children’s St. Paul, and they determined that she does show indications of aspirating! So, this would explain why she also coughs more during teething, because likely she is aspirating on her saliva. So…. what do we do? The tests indicated that she’s only potentially aspirating on thinner liquids, so we’re to thicken up her liquids by adding rice cereal, or this packet called simply thick (although very pricey). This will suposedly help her to re-learn to swallow properly. We also need to stay on the inhaler so that she can build up her lungs, and obviously stay on the prevacid for her heartburn.

I just bought some rice cereal and its pretty cheap. She mostly drinks milk anyways, so it will be nice to use this as much as possible. We have to use a special sippy cup because its so thick now it won’t go out of the holes. So we use the Nuby ones. The hospital gave us one, and I’ve been too cheap so far to buy anymore. We have sippy cups coming out of our ears. Maybe if I ‘dump’ the rest and just get a few more sippys we won’t be so apt to loose them etc.

Thanks for all the prayers that we would find answers. Its been a really long road, several doctors, specialists etc, and finally nearly a year later and a different hospital we’ve found ANSWERS! I knew that it wasn’t just “kids just cough” I KNEW that it wasn’t just re-occuring virus’, or “something in the environment”. What I’ve learned is Mom’s know best….. and you can’t stop until you find answers! Even if it means you’ll be on your 3rd pediatrician! (whom by the way we love a lot!) Its a bit of a drive for us (Vadnais Heights) but its SO worth it. You can get same day appointments and even in the evening and weekends!!

This is a big week for us, we’re going up to Birch Lakes for camping on Thursday. Its somewhere in between St. Cloud and Alexandria so hopefully we don’t get lost. We’re going to bring a kayak, and bike/burley. We both took Friday off, so we’re planning to leave right after work on Thursday evening. Hopefully the traffic up 94 isn’t too horendous! I’m excited to get out in the wilderness and enjoy the solitude that only camping can bring!

Jason has been busily getting our front yard landscaped and it looks BEAUTIFUL! Kirra is on the road to recovery with her cough from the Croup, although her voice is shot! Poor thing! She’ll be better to go back to daycare tomorrow though.

Croupie Baby

So last night Kirra woke up bawling her eyes out around 1:00am. And she had a very noticeable deep cough that sounded like a seal barking, like Sparkie the sea lion was resurrected! Poor thing. She was just miserable. We thought about calling the nurse line or taking her to Children’s but we thought google in the middle of the night was a better option.
We were like…. what is that cough called…. ding…. croup. So I googled croup and it did’nt say RUSH your child to the ER, so I figured we’d call the doctor in the morning. IN the morning she was just miserable. Coughing, super tired… just exahusted looking….. The on-call nurse suggested we make an appointment with the pediatrician today, so that’s what we did, and she confirmed it was croup. I stayed home and worked today, and Kirra slept and rested all day. She gave her prednisone to decrease the swelling in her throat. I knew she had a sore throat when she didn’t even want to eat a banana today, her absolute favorite!
Tomorrow is the swallow study at Children’s to see if Kirra has been aspirating. I’ll give you the low down tomorrow on how the appointment is going. My car is starting to go downhill. It wouldn’t turn over again today, but then miraculously it did…. although it blew the radio out, so now I have NOOOOOo radio, nothing. Dead pan silence…. not real exciting…. I think Jason is going to let me drive the truck for a while. Its good to drive a reliable vehicle when you’re toting around precious cargo!
Hopefully Kirra sleeps better tonight. She’s got some prednisone in her, and a humidifier going on in her room! I hear her coughing though 😦 Prayers!

ocr3 chick

So I busted out the ocr3 and finally got my bike computer installed at Penn Cycle. I took it out for a test spin last night too, and gosh what an absolute GORGEOUS night for cycling! I went about 10 miles, and on my way back I drove off onto this little road that lead to the Ham Lake Baptist Bible Camp to see where it would take me, and what that was all about. So I biked down this road which was lined with trees, and eventually the trees and cover became thicker and thicker. It honestly looked like something out of the movie Twilight. Very gorgeous. The road winded around and around, and eventually a tiny little neighborhood sprung up out of nowhere. The houses were cutsey little houses and some were big, some were small but nothing was too gynormous. Just a super cute neighborhood that was on Ham Lake. The bible camp was just a little challet at the end of the road. I stopped and watched the beginning of the sun setting over the lake, and just gave thanks for such a beautiful day! It was a quiet revere from a busy summer.

I’m bringing my bike to work tomorrow to bike during lunch with a co-worker who appreciates cycling as much as I do. Its truly the sport I adore. Of course I will still run more races, but nothing will ever compare to a midsummer night with my ocr3 🙂

New tent and fun times!

Well we got a new tent for camping, and set it up yesterday to let it air out before the big Labor Day camping trip. This sucker is HUGE! We’re going to be the envy of everyone else at camping….I’m really excited to go. I’ve been working a lot lately, and am just looking forward to 5 days up in the wilderness!

Kirra has figured out diapers. How they work and scary for mom and dad… how they come off!!!! Today she was COVERED in #2. Super gross. Luckily Tally & Alex caught it before she ate IT! I know this might be TMI for some of you, but imagine how I felt to get my precious daughter and a report that Tally has to HOSE off the pack and play in the backyard! All you can do is laugh….. So a onsies we will go for now. She has figured out how to take off her britches, and her diaper, and could care less if either were on….
She has been talking a lot lately, and that’s so fun to see her grow. She knows some sign language too which is very helpful because not all of her words make sense.
Saturday I served at church and helped out in the 20-28 month room subbing for someone. The kido-s were great. I was nervous to do this age group since this is the age of my daughter, but they were SOOOOO well behaved. We danced, had bubble nation, and twirled around and read books. They were the BEST!
We just got done with St. Paul Triathlon which was a HUGE success. My next event is Square Lake Triathlon a two day event. I’m excited for that too. I’m so blessed to have jobs I adore.

Great Weekend

Wow, what an absolutely great weekend I had. Friday night I went to Lilian’s Diva night, and got a flaming hot pink purse. I love it. It won’t go with everything, but I do have plenty of other purses depending… But its big enough to fit everything I need, and some essentials for Kirra, so it doubles as a diaper bag! My mom, sister, two high school friends, and two co-workers came. It was a blast. Later on we went to Washington Square for drinks and good conversation.

Saturday morning I woke up and helped to put on a 5K I did the registration and spindals. It was great, until the darkest clouds came in that made our digital time clock so bright it was blinding! Nobody walked in…. even the 45-50 minute folks were sprinting in!!!
After the storms cleared, my parents, sister, brother and their gangs and us all went to Bunker Beach wave pool and slides. Kirra had a ball, and everyone else did too. The wave pool was a blast and quite the workout! Alex and I had fun out in 5 foot section climbing up the big kahunas!

We came home and Kirra and I were so tukered out that we took naps at 5pm, and Jason went to play poker. About 8:45-9pm Kirra and I woke up to the Tornado Warnings and hung out in the basement for a little while. We were given the all clear and finally ate dinner about 10pm! Luckily she went right back to bed at 11pm, and so did I.
We went to church this morning, and I served in the infant/crawler section. The wee little ones were so much fun and cuddly. I found my “calling” with the wee ones!
Came home, and got some paint, and started taping off the bathroom, and then just hung out. Now its dinner time, and maybe a walk! Enjoy the week!

Behind and busy!

WOW! I took a nearly whole month haitus from blogging. That must be a new record for me! I’ve been super busy getting Relay for Life ready, working two jobs, and enjoying Jason and Kirra. Relay was on July 31st. We changed the name from the Terr-Bears to Aloha Life. Hello Life, Goodbye Cancer. We spent lots of time designing our bags, filling them with sand to have them rained on at the event! Ah, it was still a great night though. You can see our You Tube here. Stop Kirra’s jukebox though for maximum effect otherwise you’ll have two songs playing at once.

This Friday I am going to a purse party at Lilians in White Bear Lake, and this weekend am helping to put on a 5K in New Brighton. I’m also serving in the Infants section at church this weekend, a change from the three year olds! (Thank Goodness.
We finished our driveway, and Jason is busy landscaping the front yard to make it beautiful. I finally went thru my “weed” garden and got rid of everything but the tomato plants! I have to someday find the motivation to pull the rest of the weeds in front of the house, but that’s not very fun! Maybe I’ll drink a couple Pina Colada’s first!
I’ll try to update this much more often. I hope everyone is having a great start to their week.