Life at Orchestra Hall

I’m so great about thinking about the blog, but have been struggling lately at finding the time to actually sit down and write and/or upload photos from my camera, although I admit this whole past week I haven’t snapped even one on my good camera. Such is life. I’m learning that especially, and most specially since being a mother there have been more days than not lately, that my life is not my own. The orchestra we know as life is being conducted and composed by a three-foot tall, four-year old, and four – four-legged friends. The music fades into soft piano, and I think I may have found reprieve, only to find my little conductor and composers have added a full forte section of trumpets and brass blazing loud, sharp tones. This is usually at a time I think we have no need for that style of music. Don’t get me wrong. The conductor has done an AMAZING job of composing my part, sometimes though the tempo has been too fast for me to keep up. Saturday was amazing though. I quietly and quickly exited “Orchestra Hall” and headed to the ski slopes to downhill ski with my siblings. To do adult things and be in control. While the ski location we went to is not difficult to navigate, I wasn’t the overly cautious girl as I normally am. I left it all out on the slopes and may have technically skied the best I ever have. I left it all out there on the hills. I don’t go to the slopes to think – I go to NOT think, and this is why it’s such a great release for me. At least for me, while zipping down the hills I don’t think about much besides what is directly in front of me, and its great! It was simply a great time, of letting loose, racing my siblings, and enjoying the company I was in. and while I’m now back at “orchestra hall” the conductor and gaggle of composers have been gentle on my senses. The past few nights, a beautiful soliloquy has been playing.

Weekend Re-Cap

It was a nice weekend! At times I felt so tired I could fall asleep at any moment,and at other times it was so nice to get so much done. Friday night I dropped Kirra off at Grandma & Grandpa’s house and then decided instead of Target, I’d stop at the Super Walmart since it was on the way home. Super Walmart is essentially now dead to me. They only had non-organic, or questionable brands of meat, and because I never shop there it was difficut to find certain things. I did manage however to stock up on lots of frozen vegetables and the largest tub of peanut butter short of going to Costco I’ve ever seen. Kirra LOVES Peanut Butter & Honey for school lunch,just like her mama, so we’re now going through PB super fast. I went home and decided I would just do Coborns Delivers and make a list. I skyped with Jason, and I had told him I had to wake up extra early Saturday because I needed a car wash since I was the official race vehicle for a work event the next day. I wasn’t about to have a dirty car going around the course. So he mentioned that because it was going to be below zero I shoud get a car wash on Friday night… because often times they close if is less than 5 degrees out. So I left and took a detour to Target where i picked up the rest of my grogeries for the week. Oh I love you Target. Saturday I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and headed out to the race. I had stayed up watching TV shows the night before so I had about 5 hours or less of sleep. The race went wonderful! Despite the cold weather nearly all of my volunteers showed up! YAY for Volunteers. Afterwards a few of us went to Cooper for the “post race” party, which was coming to a close by the time that we unloaded the “truck” and got over there. I had mushroom pizza, and it was great conversation, and great company! Then I was off to a new salon near my work. I got hight lights,and low lights put in,and while I wasn’t planning on it,I got a hair cut as well to even out some of my very odd layers that had grown in because of an odd hair cut a year or so ago. I was very happy with the results. I ran home and got the dogs, and then headed to Frank & Theo’s to get Kirra, and have dinner. We ordered from the Blacksmith, a favorite in our family, and again had great conversation. Kirra bless her went straight to bed so that I could also go straight to bed at 11pm. I was absolutely exhausted! Today we woke up around 9:30 a.m. (Thank you Kirra for letting mommy catch up on some sleep). We had breakfast,and Kirra played some online games while I cleaned. I decided to burn the Christmas tree,and almost started the whole yard on fire. I’m semi certain in hindsight that there was a fire ban due to the extremely dry conditions. I’ve never burned a Christmas tree before, so I had no idea how HUGE this bonfire was going to be,and because everything was so dry,our grass immediately caught fire around the fire pit…. I did manage to get that part out, but it took me the better half of the day to get the fire out. Because it wasn’t a real emergency I didn’t want to use the hose,and run the risk of wrecking our pipes/outdoor faucet,so i poured coffee pots of water on the fire pit all day. I wish I had waited until this weekend to have said fire,because it was my best fire yet, and it burned EVERYTHING that was in the fire pit. I’m now sitting around a contained fire in our fire place,sipping on some Tempranillo, and blogging. Will be hitting the hay early again tonight since i’m quite down on sleep. That’s wraps up the Weekend Re-Cap.

Sick of being sick

This past January-February has been the month of illness with little miss. (well really all of us). Since January she has had an on again – off again fever with xyz other symptoms. She’s had pneumonia or RSV, and just yesterday I took her to the Target Clinic and she has an Ear Infection and Strep! Hopefully this will be it now for illness. I’m taking the liberty to bleach down, and Lysol down the house, and Norwex anything else. Top to bottom today. She is really liking school so far. Again she talks non-stop about Piper her friend at school, and we got to take home her folder on Friday to see what she’s been up to. They did lots of arts and crafts last week about Groundhog Day, and they’re learning about transportation and all the ways to go – (e.g.) plane, train, car, bike etc. I’m excited to see what she’s going to learn about this week. I have a pretty – lay low week. Tomorrow is Caucus which I’m excited about,but other than that not much is going on. Well.. I do have another event for work next weekend… and hopefully one of my best friends from High School will be coming over for movie night on Saturday evening. Anyhoo. Watch out germs…MB (Mommy Blogger) is coming to get you!

TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run

Today was Kirra’s race – the TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run. The race was held at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse and was on the same 200 meter track that U of M athletes practice on! Kirra ran the Half Mile which is four laps or according to Kirra, 4 Miles. The kids all ran in “heats” according to their age group with the little ones running first. There were two “heats” of Pre-School/Kindergarten kiddo’s and Kirra was in the first heat. She had so much fun running around the track. She wasn’t very fast, but she was looking all around, and really enjoying herself. She ended up running three laps, but ran the whole time. I was pretty proud of her for going out there by herself,and I know she felt awesome to do a race all by herself! I’m sad we’ll miss the TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run in May, but maybe we can find another half mile for her to do in the spring. Of all of the things we’ve had her try out, running has been her favorite. I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but here is her race number and medal that she “won” for running super fast. (All of the kids got medals). After her “heat” we cheered on other runners, and Kirra was VERY into the cheering. At one point I looked at Kirra and yelled, “Woo Hoo” as a bunch of runners went by and she said,”No mamma, cheer for THEM!” and pointed to the runners. She’s too smart for my own good. It was a super fabulous Saturday! Also – here are some outdoor pictures at the U of M Campus this morning. We awoke to frost, and light snow that blanketed the trees with gorgeous white as if someone spray painted them that way!

1st day at Montessori

Well Kirra started [Montessori] school today. We found her hook (with her name on it) and got her settled in, and then brought her to her upstairs classroom that she will be in for before, and after school care. There were lots of kids (but not too many), boys and girls. This is the room with “real toys” She was in there until 9am, and then she got to go outside and play on the playground for a half hour. Then it was snack time, and play until 11:00 a.m. when she had lunch down in her classroom, and then learning time in there until 3:30 p.m. and then go back up to her room that I dropped her off in for after school care. When I arrived she was playing nicely with others, and said she made a new friend,Piper. She said she had a lot of fun, and practiced writing her name, and played with numbers. The one teacher did say she had a few moments where she felt sad, or frustrated because she didn’t know all the words to a song, or missed us, but that its typical for a new student. Friday we will get her folder with all of the stuff she had done for the week. she is excited to go back tomorrow, so that’s a good sign. 🙂