Three Thought Thursday

1.) Grandmas Half Marathon – In just as little as three weeks from now I’ll be toeing the line at the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon. Ten co-workers and I are all going up for either the expo, or to run or both! All seven of us from the “west wing” in the office are running. The “full time” staff is running the half marathon, and all three interns are running in the marathon. We’ve even created a corporate team to compete against other small businesses. I’m not sure we’re going to win any awards for speed, but its going to be super fun running with my co-workers and hanging out afterwards!

2.) Eli – With the news of Tyler aging and getting sick, Jason wanted to get our new dog in before Tyelr goes out. I struggled with the idea at first. Three dogs, and the thought of “replacing” Tyler before he was even gone was a little overwhelming .Until I met the new puppy! We’re going to name him Eli, and he is a Cane Corso – Italian Mastiff. You can read all about the breed here. We get to bring him home next Friday 6/7.

3.) Neighbors – I can say with ease and confidence I have such great neighbors! Yesterday one of our neighbors 2.5 year old went missing, and at least 20 neighbors were instantly combing the neighborhood looking for him! He was found five minutes later completely safe chasing after another neighbors dog! 🙂  and neighbors were continuing to support making sure he was found and physically relieved when they found out he was…. While we mainly socialize with about 8 of them, its so nice to know that we can all come together. I cherish my neighbors that I’m close with, and i hope that we continue to foster our relationships over the years. Cheers to summer and bonfires with the neighbors.

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