Why is K coughing?

Well we finally saw our pediatrician Dr. K today. She took a good look over K, and she came to the conclusion that K is stuffy and coughing because of something in the air. So either dust or pet dander or something. I am always stuffy too, so it’s probably allergies. No need to get rid of the pets or anything, but we have to clean her room out really good, and keep the animals out. When we’re not home I am going to start shutting her door, and we’ll have a gate up at night so Tyler can’t go in her room. I’m going to de-clutterize her room also, and take our furniture that we’re not using any more. If the coughing and stuffiness persists perhaps we’ll just rip up her carpeting too.

Starting to walk!

Well Kirra has been starting to walk here and there. She takes about 3 steps or so, and then decides it’s much easier to crawl! Kirra will be 1 in about two weeks, so we’ve started to give her a little whole milk in her sippy cup, instead of juice. She seems to like it. It’s probably much sweeter than her formula.

She is also eating most people foods now too. Tonight we had spaghetti and she ate it too. We have some samples of formula left, and we’re finishing up with those, and then we’re going to be done, and switch her over to cow’s milk entirely.

She is recovering from a case of bronchitis. We went to the doctor a few times, and ended up with a nebulizer for her, so that she can cough up some of the gunk in her lungs. She seems to be feeling better, and mostly coughs at night, and in the morning. The doctor doesn’t think she is contagious anymore though.

This week we have a “baby boo bash” to attend with our Mums group. That should be a lot of fun!

She’s getting older!

Kirra has been making strides with walking, little by little. She hasn’t taken off yet, and continued to walk, but little steps here and there. She now knows how to clap too, so she claps every chance that she gets!

We had a fun filled weeked with Kirra’s Godmother Pam and Grandma Theo on Friday, and Kirra boogied at Heidi’s wedding last night. Today Kirra and I went to ungle Joes to visit with the Perri’s.

This upcoming week is Halloween, and we’re taking Kirra out. Well more or less driving her around to see her aunties, uncles, grandparents and a few key neighbors.

Where did my baby go?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Of course she will always be my baby, but really… where did my baby go? The year has just flown by. I was at the playgroup tonight [which we’ve cleverly named MUMS for Mercy & Unity Moms], and realized that we don’t have little babies anymore. We have older babies, and some toddlers! It was entertaining watching them explore their own little world, and discover eachother.

Kirra has been pretty healthy these past few weeks which is wonderful. I hope she stays that way!!! She competed in the Diaper Dash this past weekend for my work at Twin Cities Marathon. She did rather well, except she was mad at me for taking a snack away from her. I will learn my mistake for next year. She can compete in the Toddler Trot then!

We’re taking Kirra out for Halloween, which actually means that we will go to the “important” neighbors, Grandma & Grandpa’s, and Aunts and Uncles houses to show off Kirra’s costume. Which is absolutely to die for! We will post pictures after halloween! Of course she doesn’t need any candy yet, but we can and will eat it for her!

We’re slowly weaning Kirra off the bottle, so that she can go to the sippy once her first birthday hits. We gave her a teeny tiny taste of milk too, and she liked it. We’re not planning on really giving her milk until her first birthday though. We are using the Avent Sippy Cups, and you can also use the Avent nipples on them, so we use them as bottles as well.

Kirra is now standing for several moments without assistance. She has “thought” aobut taking a step, but hasn’t quite got there yet. We know that it will be sooner than we think, or probably want. Then it’s time to baby proof the house again!