Just teasing

No teeth yet for this little wee one. Her fevers went away and she is back to normal. Perhaps it was just growing. She is crawling all over the place, and has actually grown some hair now. She has a little curl on the top of her head, and that’s about it. We do think it’s rather cute though. She helped me out at Relay for Life last week, and she was such a good baby!

We’re going walking with our friends today, however the umbrella stroller is in dad’s truck, so we have to take the jogger. Such is life.

Last night Jason put Kirra down for a nap and about 15 minutes later he found her crying standing up in the crib. Poor little dear. She is growing up so fast!

Teething or Teasing?

Well Kirra has been acting very strange for about half a week now. Tally called today and Kirra had a small fever of 100.8. When we got home it had spiked up to 101.2 Poor baby. She is also chewing on her tounge/air, and absolutely will not let us touch her mouth. She whimpers in her sleep and has been having loose bowels as well. Hopefully the “tooth” or whatever is hurting her makes her feel better soon!

Busy Busy Busy

Well we have been so busy! I ended up walking with Kirra and our friend Stefanie (Anna was already sleeping) on Friday night, and we even stopped at the park to swing for a while. Kirra had a blast, and we tested (again) our new stroller. This time I didn’t kick the wheels as much, and I am more used to pushing it. I really really like this stroller!!!

Saturday Kirra helped me at work by being cute and adorable. I had to work at Lake Calhoun by passing out water/PowerAde and clif shots to people running, and training for our marathon. Kirra was such a good baby, and entertained everyone including the runners!

Once we got home all three of us took a nap, and then we were off for AJ’s birthday party. It was very nice, Julie and Matt had the garage decked out for the occasion, and had sloppy Joes for lunch/dinner. At first AJ ate his cake very dainty, and then… he was covered in cake! His whole body/high chair, and sippy cup. It was classic!

Later we came home watched movies and just relaxed.

Today we woke up and hung out, and then decided that Kirra needed some boundries. She has gotten very good at crawling and will crawl to the kitchen in the blink of an eye, either entrance. So we now have the livingroom completely closed in. We moved the love seat to block off the kitchen/dining room, and put up a gate in the kitchen doorway, and we now keep all of the hallway doors closed. This way we know the livingroom is free of small choking hazzards/dog food, and other dangers!

Kirra tried a cheeze it tonight, well a quarter of one. She liked it, but then dropped it on the floor, so that was enough for her. Kirra is so excited to be a master crawler, and she sits herself up too, so she can access toys, and play with them, she just has way too much fun!

We have Relay for Life comming up this Friday, and I think Kirra will be coming to part of it, so we will see how she does! Tuesday is our playgroup day, and we’re really excited to see all of our friends!

Dog Gone Days

Today Tally called and Kirra had been crying, and not feeling well at all.

Well I went and got Kirra, and on my way I made an appointment with the pediatrician for 2:30pm. I guess she was having diahreah yesterday, and it continued today, and at 1pm (ish) today, she still hadn’t had a nap, cried the whole morning, and had more loose stools… and wasn’t eating much…so I got there and could hear her crying from outside, I got in, and as soon as I held her she instantly stoped crying. As sad as that is, it kind of makes you feel good, because you know that you are the only one to soothe your baby…
So we got home and i gave her 3oz of pedialite, and that went well, so I made her a 4oz bottle, and he did fine with that too. We got to the doctor, and she weighs 17lbs with clothes on, so that’s good. She will have almost trippled her weight! The doctor checked her out, and no findings, her tummy was soft, and normal bowel sounds, so she think’s its a viral bug. No fever either, so that was good too!
Last night I went to walmart and got my jazzy umbrella stroller, so I am so excited, because now I can roll with Kirra anywhere, because this stroller actually fits in my trunk!!! I’m so excited. It’s hot pink, comes with a basket, and cup holders for me! It’s the bomb!
Once i got home today I logged into my work server, and get this… 400+ emails! How crazy is that!!! We’re in the middle of our 10 Mile lottery results…So I went thru them, and got it down. Most were undeliverable, or out of office replies, but it took a while because real emails were sprinkled in with those ones…
Jason is working downtown Minneapolis. He started at 6am, and won’t be home until 11pm or midnight! How crazy is that. I think Kirra and i will be going on a walk soon with our friend Stefanie. Her baby has an earlier bed time.
So that’s our day in a nutshell. Kirra appears to be feeling much better!

July Fun

We can’t belive that it’s already mid July! This up and coming Tuesday will be Jason and I’s 2nd wedding aniversary. I think we’re going to do a dinner night, and then maybe do something else next Saturday evening.

I forgot to post in our last journal entry that Kirra learned a new trick. She can now sit her self up from her tummy. This makes crawling (which she has gotten very good at) much more fun. She can now take breaks, and play with toys that she crawls to.

We usually dump out a big thing of her toys through out the living room and let her crawl for all of them.

Last weeks pool party went well, although despite a hot day, and warm water, Kirra still got cold, so I will just have to be very cautious with her in the water.

Jason and I bought Kirra some new toys today. She has a teddy bear that talks to her, and maracas that count/talk/sing to her. She loves them, but tries to mostly eat them like an ice cream cone.

Speaking of eating, Kirra has gotten good at eating puffs. I think when we’re done with these I might try chereos. We’re giving her Yobaby Yogurt right now, along with her normal cereal and fruit/veggies. When we’re out of yogurt we’re going to try cottage cheese and peaches. (i’m going to try them again too!).

This week Kirra and I are walking with our friends Stefanie and Anna, and on Saturday is Kirra’s cousin’ AJ’s birthday party. It should be a very fun time.

P.s. We’ve now droped the crib down so the next step (standing yourself up) wont end up with Kirra crying on the floor. Oh and if you hold kirra’s hands she will walk.

Happy 4th of July!

What a great weekend we had for the 4th. Thursday Kirra and I drove into White Bear Lake for Marketfest with Grandma Theo. We walked around and caught up with our friends Nicole and her daughter Isabelle (who is just 3 weeks youger) We also saw some other friends too.

Friday was great, we went to Pam and Phils house for plants, good conversation and dinner. Jay and Barb brought their new puppy, and Kirra just loved the little puppy, and the puppy really liked Kirra so they hung out, and played. I rode my bike over there, which was a great ride. Its about 25 miles. Jason drove the pickup truck, and we drove my bike back.

Saturday was happy planting day for Jason, and Kirra nad I went to Uncle Joes with Missy, Brian, Ally & Gabby for Kirra’s debut for swimming. She did really great. At first she was really mad to have a life jacket on, so since we were staying in shore I put her in her floatie toy, and held on to her too. Then she had a blast. The water was warm. Once we got home we ran some errands together at Walmart.

Sunday was SOOOO hot. We walked to church today, and Kirra was VERY vocal so we left after communion. Surprised. I love being able to walk to church. It’s the best. The rest of the day has been spent indoors with the air conditioning on. Jason and I tried to warm up our pool by hooking a hose up to our stationary tub and putting hot water into the pool but no luck. Its still like Lake Superior. Hopefully after this week it will be acceptable for Kirra.

This Wednesday we have our playgroup, and we’re meeting at the pool. It will be another chance for Kirra to practice her swim. It’s a heated community pool, and it has zero entry so that is nice for the babies.