Every day changes…

Status update: All is well with mother to be, I am growing bigger every day, which is an awkward feeling for me since I am so little…

All of these choices and decisions. First there is daycare that you have to consider… Someone that you trust enough to send your child to their house for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. That is a pretty hefty choice. Luckily enough we’ve gotten in with my nephews mom, so I feel very confident about that.

Health insurance was another big decision for us. To put her on our insurance would cost us nearly $300 a month, and Jason gets laid off in the winter, so that isn’t a very viable option either… so we looked into individual health plans. Luckily again I think we’ve found a health plan that sounds pretty good.

And then of course there are other things to consider too, parenting, breastfeeding, etc etc etc.

Names? We’re still adding names to our “LIST” we’ve not chosen a name 100% because we a.) still like some other ones, and b.) we want to get a good look at her before we name her… so in no particular order here is the list of names (first only):

1.) Kirra
2.) Morgan
3.) Bailey
4.) Brianna
5.) Jordan

Party like a rockstar!

Why is it, that our baby girl likes to “party like a rockstar” when I am trying to go to bed? Every night without fail, she decides that is her time to party. Although… today at church when everyone was singing she decided to dance a little. She moves a few times an hour I notice, and more times at certain hours than others…

My “morning” sickness is more or less the same. It’s a little better I suppose, but I still have my days. Such is life… I will feel better in November I guess…

Being pregnant is definetly an experience! Somedays I absolutely love it, and other days, it’s really tough.. Not too many headaches, knock on wood, heartburn only really exists if I don’t eat “right on time” or at night when I am trying to fall asleep… oh which leads me to another subject! Trying to sleep with a mini watermellon in my belly really is difficult. I’ve always been a belly sleeper, and obviously this isn’t comfortable at all. Luckily I have never been a back sleeper so that is not an issue for me… someday I will get used to sleeping stricktly on my side… pillows have helped!!! I have to have my blessings though… so far I have not had swollen feet, which looks very painful… and I don’t have the mask of pregnancy, or the Lina Niegra (whatever).

My next appointment is in 2 weeks, and i can’t wait to hear her little heart again! It’s definitely my favorite part…

Till’ next time… thanks for reading 🙂

What’s in a name?

Well we just found out today that we are going to have a baby girl. We have about 19 weeks to come up with a name that we love. We like all the names for different reasons, and if I find new ones I will put them up on the pole, but I just have no clue what to name her… that’s ok… we have time.

I need to get a baby name book!

Ultrasound… Comming soon!

Well the Ultrasound is in 5 days, and we should know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Top new contenders for names are Lane for a boy, and Alexi for a girl.

You might think Lane is a strange name, but it’s kind of after Lane Frost, the famous bull rider… you know, from the movie 8 seconds. This is one of me and Jason’s favorite movies. If it is a boy, there is a very good chance our baby’s name will be Lane. We’re not 100% sure, but who knows…

We’re excited to see the baby on the monitor, and see that it is healthy etc.