Mommy help her!!!!!

Miss “sass-a-frass” has come full circle, and although still in its early phases, I see great potential for a very lippy girl!

Lately its just been incessant whining, and I can’t stand whining. Its like nails on a chalkboard. My dogs a whiner too… I know…. i’m the common denominator right? No… the dog whines for no reason, and Kirra gets so emotional over the smallest things!
Tonight for example, it started out just fine. We came home, let Tyler out, and then put Dora on and had a snack. While watching Dora she wants to know where her baby is… so I said, my room, on my bed… so she walks in the room and was like, waaaa where’s my baby? I said, Its on my bed… she goes back in, and cries she’s not in your bed… and starts to whine… i want my baby….. so I go in my room and plain as day, baby is on my bed….. we go back to the couch where she gathers her “baby supplies”.
She started hyperventilating because she was so distraught about something with her baby. She swaddled her baby doll (which mind you somehow she actually swaddles her baby right, and could probably go head to head with any L&D nurse…I digress)
…and then all the sudden started bawling her eyes out and crying, “help her, help her”. It sounded like a mother who was desperate to get her baby some help… so I said what do you want me to do? And she just starts screaming…. maaaaaammmmaaaaaa, do something… Now she is just sobbing……So i un-swaddle the baby, and Kirra sobs, noooooo she’s going to get cold… so then I start laughing because now she’s just funny…. but then I realize she’s so upset…. she starts to hyperventilate….. so I put the blanket back on the baby, and she just flips out… and says noooooooooo……. now i’m getting irritated so I picked Kirra up and brought her to her room with the baby, and told her she can come out later if she wants…. I went back to the living room and was like, OMG, this is my life…
So I turned on Days of our Lives…. and hung out by myself with my cats… who are not emotionally crazy….
About 10 minutes later she came out and said she was sorry and that she wants to be a good girl. And that was about that…. the rest of the night was just fine.
…..And these are the days of my life….

Operation Tango November

Went to dinner last night with Jason and my co-workers… We went to a very tasty Greek restaurant, and we both enjoyed our dinners very very much. Jason and I decided that we’re going to start exploring little mom and pop shop eateries and expand our culinary horizons.
I took Kirra to gymnastics today. Kirra did ok, but didn’t really want to participate with the group, she wanted to do her own thing…She wouldn’t sit in the circle, or line up so that was frustrating on my end, while everyone else’s angelic children behaved perfectly. Then there is this one girl in Kirra’s class who practically IS Shannon Miller, and I think she is younger than Kirra.
I’m guessing she’s done the class before. I polled the other moms and it appears that Kirra is the only one in her class who has never done gymnastics before, and the other kids have been doing it since they were 16 months old. It kind of gave me a complex… but i must not fear, or get too worried that Kirra isn’t doing perfect “starfish” on trampoline, or seat drops. Its just sometimes hard not to compare when its screaming in your face.
Well I will get my revenge this weekend when Kirra wins her age group in the toddler trot. We’ve been practicing year ’round, and cross training too. She WILL be the next Kara Goucher! (if she wants to) but in all reality, she really IS a good runner, and loves to run.
I hosted our small group tonight and it was great to see everyone. I was frustrated at myself for not having the house picked up more, but when you burn the candle at both ends of the stick there isn’t much of a wick to light at the end… which amazingly was the topic in a way…
Lots of last minute preparations are going on at work right now with OPERATIONS beginning on Thursday. Every year my old co-worker [he has since retired] and I would ‘name’ the Race Weekend an operational name since we were both military veterans. We use the phonetic alphabet which common, just sounds cool! Gosh I miss him… I will need to come up with an operational name on my own this year… hmmmm……..
Well for now (after literally 15 minutes of brainstorming with myself) i’ve come up with Tango November… Operation Tango November.… will get underway come Thursday. You can try to figure out what it means… but I can only tell Julliet Alpha… And yes… you can call me a dork!
Tomorrow is great! I have nothing going on after work so I can just relax!

Ren Fest!

Well today we saw a whole new side of Kirra…. a BRAVE Kirra! She wasn’t scared to do anything. We went out to the Renaissance Festival where she jumped really high on a trampoline, rode a horse, went down a HUGE slide by herself, and went on a swing ride!!!!
I even bought her some Fairy wings. They were too cute to pass up, and now she can wear them for other things too! (Like Halloween)
For lunch Kirra had Corn on the Cob, Jason had a turkey leg and I had Fajitas. We snacked on some other stuff too. It was really fun
I ended up buying a bath bomb for me, and a whale shaped luffa!
Enjoy the photos..
Getting her face painted….

Getting all suited up for jumping!

We thought she would be scared, but
instead… she went really really high!

Time to feed some goats!

Ridding a pony! Remember back in April, she wouldn’t
even pet a pony let alone ride one!

She thought it was just the best thing ever! I think now
she is going to want to ride pony’s a lot more!

Here she is on the swings! She picked out the blue one
all by herself!

Shannon Miller…

Well ok, Kirra’s not quite to the Shannon Miller level with Gymnastics [yet], but she did so much better this week than last week. I think it started better because she was in a great mood when I picked her up from Tally’s [the sitter], and was in a cheerful mood until we left.
She listened this time and for the most part stayed put where she was supposed to. She also was willing to try out each station a little better this time which made me happy! She’s starting to get the hang of it. She did really good on the parallel bars, forward rolls and the ladder, but still needs help not being so scared on the balance beam. She’ll get there though! She loves wearing her Leotard, and has made a new friend Avery (who appears to be younger than Kirra, but by the way really could be Shannon Miller with her skills. She’s really good, so maybe Kirra will watch her and follow by example).
Obviously there is no pressure, and we’re just having fun with all of it! Our teacher is really great too!

Worship and birthday party…

Well we woke up early this morning to go to Home Depot to pick out tile for the basement and carpet. We picked out a tile, and thankfully it was on sale, so we bought all that we needed for our basement.

On the way home it was only 10 a.m. so I decided to go to Lino Lakes church with Kirra and the service was amazing! One of the worship songs was so touching, especially with 2000 + people singing all at once. It actually brought tears to my eyes, and before I knew it I had lots of tears!
After church was over Kirra and I came home for lunch, and then took naps. Kirra had other ideas, but I definitely took a nap. Once we [Jason and I] woke up it was time to head over to my folks house for Missy’s Birthday!
Thinking of a really good wish…..

Blowing out her candles

Um… yeah… I’m 38…..

Gran was with us in spirit, since this would have
been her 95th birthday!

Brother and sisters……

Kirra looking cute as usual….

Jason and I


Wine Review

Jason and I had my parents over for dinner tonight and I got to try two new wines that I bought. I went to the liquor store and like every other Saturday they had the wine tasting, which is unfortunate and good because I always end up buying more wine than I ‘need” .But these two deserve a little review…The first one we opened was a Tempranillo called RIVAREY which might just be my new favorite red. I’m just getting into reds, but I discovered tonight I like a spicy red wine and definitely not a sweet wine. When asked I always told people I enjoyed a sweet red, and was always disappointed in the taste. Well the wine taster explained the different “characteristics” and I now know what I like…

The tannins were very smooth, with notes of raspberry, plum, kiwi and spice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My dad informed my mom and I after one glass that we had to move onto the white wine because he really liked the red and he wanted to finish off the bottle… I’ll have to pick up another bottle on Monday!!!

The next wine we opened with desert was called Vouvray. I know I’m buying wines that sound like each other, but not on purpose and no the two aren’t related… This white is a mid priced Chenin Blanc, which is a grape I had never heard of before tonight, but ended up being very very fantastic! Its definitely a full bodied white with notes of honey, nuts, and ginger which is relatively dry. It was seductively delicious, and although its mid-priced I’ll definitely be buying this one again too!

What a fun week!

Kirra started Gymnastics today. She was in a mood ever since we had picked her up from daycare, so going in to her class she wasn’t in top-notch mood. Once there she didn’t want to stay with her class and tried to run off on to equipment that she wasn’t allowed to go on quite yet… It became a tantrum throwing battle until Daddy stepped onto the floor and got Kirra focused… after that she did better. I think after a few weeks she will be fine, especially if she goes to a class in a better mood! We’ll see what next Monday brings…. After gymnastics I had to high tail it down to Barnes & Noble to meet up with my small group to pick out a new book, and meet our newest member, who actually found the book we’re going to do.

Things have gone from 60mph to 160mph in our office at the marathon. We’re in crunch time with just two weeks before race weekend. After work I had to get Kirra from daycare since Jason was working late, and then head over to the Nissan dealership to get my oil changed (for free thanks to Amillie and Jeff) and hang out with Amillie while it got done. They even washed my car for free too! They’re so great over there!!!

Jason had picked up some knotty pine for the ceiling in the basement and then Jason, Kirra and I went to Lowes and picked out paint, carpet, and tile. I’m very excited about our “den” for when its finished. It will be a nice cozy living room where we can watch TV, and relax.

Jason took today and tomorrow off since he’ll be working a lot this weekend and next, so he worked on the basement! It looks super great so far. The ceiling is almost done!!!