Last Sunday of June

Today is the last Sunday of June. We had fun today. We went to Blaine’s Blazin’ 4th of July. (which is ironically in June). It wasn’t the most exciting thing we’ve done, but we had fun making fun of it, and we got mini donoughts, but not for Kirra.

Then I dropped Jason off, and Kirra and I checked out Coon Lake’s beach. It looked fun, so I think in the coming weeks we will go swimming soon. We do have a pool, but it’s still really cold!

We did lots of folding of laundry, and Jason cleaned the house. We went on a WALK around the block with Kirra in the jogging stroller, and that was fun, and we all stayed safe!!! I think perhaps next weekend, or in the comming weeks we will try out the rollerblading again, but this time we will DEFINITELY have the front wheel locked. Hopefully also we can find a burley soon to pull behind the bike.

Jason is now off to Aldi the local cheapo grocery store. It will be our first time, but milk is only $2.60 per gallon, so you can’t pass that up!!!!

Jason’s grandma also gave us their ridding lawn mower, and as Jason said, it makes cutting the grass much more fun, and faster!

Our Misfortune

Well Tyler and I met up with Kristina and Chase at the dog park. We had a blast. After we got home, Jason had put the wagon together, so i took Kirra out for a stroll in it. She just loved it. Then Jason, Kirra and I ran errands. Once we got home the three of us decided to go rollerblading, and push Kirra in the jogging stroller!

Well we forgot to lock the front wheel, and it turned and got stuck in a crack, so Kirra and I went head over tea-cup, and the stroller landed on her. She hit her head on the pavement and had/has a goose egg. We took her to the ER to make sure she was ok, and thank God she was!!!

I think Jason and I were in more pain than Kirra. We both have road rashes.

Today (Friday) was my first day back to running. I shouldn’t have run right after eating, because it turned into a run walk! Uhhh. Well tomorrow is a 3 mile run, so hopefully I will manage!

Kirra did pretty good with Heidi and Bella this week. Apparently she got sick a few times, but I think she is ok now. Funny how the type of water can really matter. We’re so lucky to have family that can watch Kirra while Tally is on vacation. It will be nice to have daycare back, only because it’s more or less on my way to work, but otherwise it’s working out very well… so Thank you Heidi & Bella for your help Kiss.

Tomorrow we’re getting our piano tuned, and my friend is comming over for dinner/movie and what else… wine! Jason and Kirra are going to see her grandma Theo and Great-Grandma Nancy.

Until next time.

Love Jason, Lindsey & Kirra.


Well, yesterday we had a big day! Our friends Summer, Joe, and their four kids came over to play. It was really fun. They have a little 4 month old baby, so that will be extra fun once Kirra and Gianna get older.

Afterwards we had the rest of the gang over. Jason’s parents, Pam and Phil (Kirra’s Godparents), Jay & Barb, and our neighbors Janis and Mike. Later after our BBQ my parents came over too. We all had a big bonfire and that was fun. It got really windy a few times, but the fire prevailed.

Kirra is still trying to crawl, I know she will just get it any day, any day soon! She does sit really really well though, and loves to play with her ball. (She has this ball by Leap Frog that spins, and sings the ABC’s to her.)

She also learned the best thing ever! Starting around Thursday or Friday she says Mom-mom ma-ma-ma. I absolutely love it. Weather or not she knows what she is saying, I still just love to hear it, and now I will hear that until the day I die! I’m so excited! She already said Dad Dad Dad, Dadada.

This week she spends time with Heidi and Bella. I’m sure those three will have a blast!!!

Tyler and I are meeting Kristina at the Dog Park. Even though he got to see his friends yesterday, I know he will also have a great time with Chase!

Fun in the Sun

Kirra has been really good lately. She is now 7 months old.¬†She is getting ready to crawl any day now! She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth, and sometimes even gets on her toes and does downward dog pose from Yoga. She has taken one “crawl step” and then she falls down. She will get there soon, although she does get frusterated! We recently bought a pool, and we’re really excited about that! It’s a 12 foot pool, by 3 feet deep. So there will be plenty of room for splashing, and enjoyment.
Sadly Kirra has gotten a few bug bites! I hope they don’t itch her too much! I plan to pick up a benadryl stick, and also to get her some lil’ swimmers, and a floatie for the pool. She is now on combo foods, and so far she really liked the blueberry/apple flavor. We’ve also got apple/cranberry, and Sweet Potato/Corn. She hasn’t tried those ones yet, but soon!
Daycare is going really well. Our provider is on vacation next week, so me & Kirra’s cousin Heidi is going to watch her while Tally is out. I know Heidi will do a great job, so that makes me feel good and safe. I’m sure her [Kirra] and Bella will have fun. Maybe Bella can teach Kirra how to crawl, and clap and wave bye bye! (Aren’t I getting my hopes up!!!).
I will write more later! Until next time be well.

Sweets and New Eats

Today Kirra tried Sweet Potatoes and Corn mixed. She really really liked it! She almost ate a 4oz jar in one setting! Also during her afternoon nap she got to the otherside of the crib, found a new pacifier (because when I went to check on her, she was sucking on a different one than I gave her to begin with) and she was sleeping on her belly! Somtimes this scares me because she doesn’t always put her head to the side, nope… face down in the mattress!!!! Silly girl!!! She better be careful.

We started to fill up the pool today, but we noticed there is a leak in it! (grrrr.) We can’t bring it back to Target either, we would have to call the manufactuer. So we’re going to try and patch it first! Hopefully that will work. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jason is going to be working in Wisconsin for the rest of this week, so it will be me and Kirra hanging out. He will still be coming home each night, but he won’t be home until later. Our friend is comming over tomorrow for walking, and then I will take Kirra running with me later on.

As for me… Today I missed my 10 mile bike ride so I am a little bumed because I really want to train this time, but hopefully 1 missed session wont wrek it all! I am also starting to think I might run during lunch, but I am not dead set on that idea yet. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing two traithlons this summer. One in August, and one in September. One is an olympic distance, and the other is a long sprint.

p.s. I figured there is no reason not to blog about Jason and I too, so you will start to see more information about us here as well


Well Kirra has a new trick, she now scootches. It’s a combo of slithering, and rolling, and get this sliding backwards! She will probably start crawling in about a month or so. She lifts up her belly when she is on her tummy so basically does the plank in Yoga, but hasn’t figured out to put her knees and then move her knees and hands. You KNOW she wants to though!

Kirra and I hit up more garage sales and got her lots of toys. Jason got work shorts, and I got a kitchen gadget, a nick-nack for Kirra’s room, and shorts. We have some more to go to this week. I’ve definitely turned into a garage sale queen! Gotta love those prices with this economy!

Jason and I grilled up some Crappie, Bass, and Sunnies the other night, and I am loving it! I’m excited to go fishing some more to catch more dinner.

Speaking of… Memorial Weekend we got back a little early, so I planted my vegetable garden, and some flowers in our front yard, and they are starting to sprout! So far I have leaves in my Peas, Brocholi, and Grean Beens… nothing yet for Tomatoes… maybe, but I will give it another few days. I’m very excited. My wild flowers are also sprouting. I hope everything grows! I’m excited to have fresh vegetables instead of canned, and if I grow too much I will just make Kirra baby food!

It turns Yum into Yummo! (Sorry I couldn’t even help myself.)