It’s been nearly two weeks and my little bunny Kirra has been cough free! I called our pediatrician to let her know that she stopped coughing and she thought maybe we could try to eliminate some things to see if we could figure it out. Jason and I talked it over and the Pulmonologist wants us to talk to her before we stop anything. So we’re going to wait until next week and call her up.

We got our new bed on Wednesday and at first I was not very impressed. Its about as hard as a rock when you first sit on it, but then you melt in. It’s a lot different than a traditional mattress and Jason and I both read up that it does take a little while to get used to it. By the second night now I am liking it more. It’s very comfortable, especially while laying on your back, and well, everything really.

I also got my new car stereo put in my car which was just in time for the big snow storm. It has an auxiliary hole to plug your iPod into. Yay, no more radio, which I had been listening to for nearly a year now!

I’ve been thinking about Grandpa lately, and that makes me kind of sad. I really can’t believe he’s been gone for almost a year now. I have a picture of him when he was in the army in black and white on my dash board (near my odometer) tucked in.

On a lighter note, this weekend should be fun, tomorrow night my side of the family is coming over for my brother’s birthday. We’re going to play games and have DQ cake, which I ordered special. Saturday I am going to the zoo with a friend and her daughter Keira (sounds the same as Kirra). So we’ll have the too Kirra’s. Sunday I am meeting up with my High School BFF at Caribou coffee. Should be a fun weekend. Most exciting, I don’t have to work anywhere in the morning, so I plan to sleep in!!!!

5 Days… Dare I say?

Dare I even say that Kirra has been coughing attack free for 5 days now. Its so nice to not be rushing into her room wondering how to help her. Not that I wouldn’t ,but it scares the crap out of me, and I’m sure she is glad not to be coughing her buns off.

I’m thinking it was reflux… i’m not sure, but i’m thinking….. The flovent inhaler decreases inflamation, which if stomach acids were aspirated into her lungs that would cause inflamation. The prevacid changes the pH of the acid, and inhibits the tummy from producing too much acid so there isn’t a whole lot of acid to reflux… and the soy milk is easier to digest and virtually no saturated fat so it doesn’t upset the tummy!

She was also on Augmentin for an ear infection, so I guess it’s possible she had bacterial bronchitis, and that treated it… I’m thinking it was the reflux thing, because she didn’t seem sick otherwise.

Jason and I are doing good. We’re supposed to get our new Tempurpedic bed on Monday or Tuesday. I’m so excited! I can’t wait. It’s also going to be a King Size bed. So much room, I won’t know what do do with all the space!

Yesterday (Friday) Kirra and I went to Foss swim school for Family Swim Night. The water is 92 degrees and Kirra had the time of her life. She absolutely loved it. She usually turns blue in the pool and has no fun, but she was swiming around (obviousy in my arms.) but by the end she wasn’t clinging to me for dear life anymore. (which did feel kind of good).
Later on I drove to my sisters house in White Bear in a total snow storm! YUCK. On the way home I could barely see the road. I was so happy to get home. It was by far the worst driving conditions I’ve ever experienced… well it was a tie with the snow storm of February 2007, however this time I had to drive much further. Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re just relaxing, I am supposed to run 5-6 miles.

Day 2

No coughing attacks! Keep your prayers coming!

So on a side note… Tyler has been really stinky lately… like very very stinky… Today once I got home I let Tyler out, we hung out for a bit, and then he started scratching a bunch on his neck… so I thought, oh no not fleas again!!! He has been doing this weird bitting thing too where there are invisible bugs flying thru the air… so I went to take his collar off to see and my hand got goo on it, and was sticky. I smelled my hand and sure enough it was the reeky smell we had been smelling for a few days.
I immediately washed my hands and put Kirra in her crib so I could inspect Tyler (Kirra didn’t think it was nice of me to banish her to the crib and make her miss out). I put my yellow rubber gloves on and took a look and to my disgust his neck had like open sores or something oozing on his neck. I called Jason and told him to meet us at Banfield.
Tyler had to get his neck shaved so the Vet could see. He has a huge yeast infection on his neck, and also an ear infection! Poor Tyler. I guess this neck rash also called a hot spot is very painful and itchy. I feel so bad for Tyler.
Already since they shaved him he smells a lot better. I bet his fur was getting icky too. We threw his collar away at the vet, so we will have to get him a new one. We didn’t even want to bother cleaning his old one since it stunk so much. Tyler isn’t supposed to have a collar on for at least a week.
Here’s to health at our house.

Could it actually be possible?

Kirra hasn’t coughed much lately! Could this actually be possible? It’s hard to tell what is possibly helping it… Steroid Inhailer… Prevacid… Augmentin for an ear infection… or soy milk… Perhaps well keep on, keeping on, and see if she continues this lack of coughing!!! . If she does stop coughing…which to me, i’m going to start counting days now… I might be a bit hesitant to take her off the soy milk since she likes it so much… (and then Jason and I can drink 2% again!).

We’ll see. If she does go an entire week without coughing I will ask the pediatrician what she thinks. We’re supposed to call the pulmonologist on March 5th, hopefully we can go until then w/o coughing!!!!

Happy Valentines Day & Happy Sunday!

Last night we celebrated Valentines day with Jason’s parents, and Kirra’s Godparents Pam & Phil. Uncle Miah was there too, and pseudo uncle Gordy. We were going to the blacksmith, but it was rather crowded and was going to be an hour or so before we could get seated. So we decided to head back to Jason’s parent’s house and order pizza from Savoys. Kirra went to bed in her pack and play in Jason’s old bedroom, and we all went in the hot tub outside!

Jason and I were starting to get tired around 11:30 so we packed it in for an early night. Kirra woke up once we got into the truck and wasn’t very happy about being woke up. Can you blame her? She did go right to bed once we got home.
Today Theo & I went to Ikea for a new duvet and I got stemless wine glasses. Jason played in an online card tourney, and didn’t win, so he signed up for another one later on in the evening and came in 2nd place. I watched Desperate housewives, and I am now thinking about going to bed!
Kirra and I are having a playdate at our house with some of our friends from Moms Group. Should be a fun time!

15 Month Check up

We had Kirra’s 15 month check up with the pediatrician this morning. The check up went well! She’s 29 inches long, and 19.14 pounds. She’s between 10-25%.

I asked the doctor if she thinks Kirra’s cough might be allergy related… like if she could possibly have a milk allergy or sensitivity since we were on Gentlease formula and then went straight to cows milk right around the time she started coughing…. and she thinks that’s a real possibility.

So the doctor wants us to try Soy Milk for a bit. She says it’s our cheapest option too. She said if that doesn’t work we can try Rice Milk, and if that doesn’t work we can try Nutramagin formula (she’s friends with the rep, so she will give us free samples if it comes to that (because its super super expensive). She doesn’t think there is any need to do testing. We’ll just to the trial and error instead.

Dr. Evans didn’t have any samples of Prevacid Kirra’s reflux medicine which costs $35.00, but she did see that we’re using Bordeaux Butt Paste, and she gave us an entire box of samples! So that was sweet!

Kirra, has an ear infection! Her first one. She had a fever of 103.5 on Monday and ever since has been grabbing her ears, and her head, so the doctor took a peek, and sure enough it’s pretty infected. Poor baby. No wonder why she wanted me to rock her to sleep last night!

In general she is doing fantastic, and growing well, and developmentally right on track! She says her talking skills are great! Who knew, with a mom like me!

Some answers and reassurance

Hi everyone,
Well we went to the U of M this morning and talked to Dr. Laguna, who was a really cool doctor! She got Kirra’s history from us, since I have an exact recollection of what’s happened these past few months. She put our mind immediately at ease by telling us every newborn in the State of Minnesota is tested for CF (Cystic Fibrosis) and they have a very good way to test this on the newborns. So there is almost a zero % chance it could be CF. Plus the symptoms of CF at this age are more nutritional, than anything else… so Kirra’s symptoms don’t fit at all. She also said that since Kirra is gaining weight well, and acting normal most of the time, it’s probably nothing “SERIOUS”.

With that said, because of her signs and symptoms, and how it started etc…. there is a good chance it’s GERD. which stands for Gastro Esophygeal Reflux Disorder, which the stomach contents come up into your throat, and irritate it, so then she coughs. So we’re going to take prevacid again. Kirra was diagnosed with GERD when she was just 2 months old….we were on prevacid until she was about 4 months old, but she continued to spit up anyways, probably up until about a month ago.
Because the acidic contents can go back down into the lungs, and also because there was a very real possibility that Kirra had some infection or virus back in the fall that started all this coughing, that could have temporarily damaged her cilia which then makes anything get down in her lungs and irritate her.

So we’re also going to be on a steroid inhaler to help build up her lungs and make them strong again. We’re to take both medicines for 1 month. Even if she is 100% totally better in 2 weeks. Or even if it does nothing we do it for a month, and call the doctor in 1 month.

Kirra was taking Pulmicort via a nebulizer, but Kirra was highly irritable during and after her treatments, and the process took close to 10 minutes…. so Dr. Laguna prescribed Flovent via an inhaler with a spacer and mask so it only will take 10 seconds now! That makes us VERY HAPPY! I’m sure kirra will like it better too! She gets two puffs in the morning, and two puffs in the evening.

Tongue Peeling

Today after work I picked Kirra up from Tally’s, and boy was she in a mood. She was so sad, and so tired, and so out of it. Tally said she cried most of the day and only had a 30 minute nap. Poor hunny. Later on in the evening Jason and I noticed something wrong with her tongue. It looked like a big cut on the top, or that the top layer of her tongue was gone! So we drove over to urgent care to get it looked at.

The doctor didn’t seem to think it was a big deal at all. He acted as if it’s really comon, and didn’t think it was thrush or anything. He couldn’t even give us a good reason to why it was that way. Jason and I decided it could be from her pulmicort, so we’re going to skip it today and tomorrow.

I listened to her lungs last night while she was sleeping, and they sound completely clear. I have a new differential diagnosis, and that might be chronic sinusitis. I read that they can have a worsening cough at night, and Kirra has always been stuffy. (Just like her mama).

The pulmonology appointment is day after tomorrow. I’m excited to get some real answers. I really hope she doesn’t blow us off without doing any tests and say it’s just a cold go home. I will make them do something! I’m sure it will all be fine though…

I missed my 2 mile run today because of all of this medical drama, so I am bringing my running clothes to work tomorrow, and will work out at the gym during lunch. It’s fairly close and most of the office goes anyways. Tomorrow I am supposed to do 3 miles, so I will do between 2 and 3 miles.

Happy Feb 1 day!

Well we officially have 5 days left before we see the lung doc over at the U of M. I’m pretty anxious to see the doctor there and hopefully she can provide us with some answers to why Kirra has been coughing for so long. The pulmicort seems to have been working however we missed several days and now she is coughing again, so we’re trying to give her the meds as often as possible.

Yesterday I was up at 4:45 to help out my friend Mary with a race, and for Midwest Events. It was really fun, and Mary was really organized so that made helping her out easy and fun! I was done with work about 8am, (had to be there at 6am!). After work Jason and I, Rick & Amber, Missy & Brian went to Afton Alps, and had a totally awesome time! It was just great! I think we need to get together more often!

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and so far we’ve only just cleaned up a little bit. Jason and I are going to just stay in and watch it. I hope everyone has a great start to their week, and I will post info when we find out about Kirra’s coughing!

P.s. Happy Birthday to my Auntie Kath today!