Trust Fund… baby

Do you believe in the power of prayer? I sure do…. let me explain.
Someone I know – that I will keep private, was having an extremely difficult time conceiving a baby. As she watched friends around her easily get pregnant with their spouses she and her husband went month after month with no good news to share. After several months, even a year with no luck on their own they saw a fertility specialist. 
This for them was not easy either. Again months and months went by with no luck until finally… a baby was conceived.  When taking the trisomy 18 test they learned of some abnormalities with the test, so they had to travel far away to see a specialist and have a special ultrasound, and further tests done. The ultrasound proved that their baby did not have trisomy 18 or any abnormalities, however it did show that there were dangerously low levels of amniotic fluid which lead the specialists to believe their baby had Potters Syndrome. 
Their baby would be born with no kidneys, and would pass soon after birth. They decided to keep their baby as long as God would allow, and unfortunately when they were 20 weeks along she lost the baby in utero. Because she was so far along they would have to do a regular delivery. 
Undeniably this moment for them was devastating, and they saw their dreams being crushed. They leaned on God when that’s all they could lean on.
Several months later they were pregnant again – this time on their own, however when they were about 14 weeks along, and seemingly in the clear they suffered another miscarriage. Again, devastation but they never gave up hope that someday they would be parents. They also had an ARMY of prayer warriors with them.
I literally  prayed for them every single day, like I’ve never prayed for anyone before.
Again several months later when I would believe most parents would “give up” and look into other options, they decided to try again. Trying things on their own again did not prove to be fruitful, so they went back to the fertility specialists, with their army of prayer warriors sending prayers their way.
Last year (2011) I was at our Christmas Service at church, titled The Impossible where they had a couple explain their difficulty conceiving a baby as well, and their miscarriages. I found tears streaming down my face as I watched their story thinking of the people I knew in my life that were going through the same thing.  They fully put their trust in God because only HE is in the business of Sun Stand Still prayers, and they found they were pregnant, and were able to carry their very healthy baby to term. 
I can’t fully explain it, but I was a complete and teary mess during and after that service, and I felt that God was honestly telling me that this was it, and that “my people” were going to tell me at Christmas dinner that they were indeed pregnant too, and I could feel that they too would have a successful pregnancy, and a healthy baby.
That night, my person and I ate Christmas dinner together with our extended family and I asked her how things were going with their fertility specialists and shyly she said things were going well. I could tell they weren’t ready to go public with anything yet, and I didn’t yet know what the answer was, so I paused and then told her to blink twice for no…. and blink once for yes….. and beautifully she blinked a long one time. She and I bolted out of the room, outside where we cried and held each other. I told her I felt that this was going to be nothing but success and that they would have a healthy baby. 
~*~And so happily, they now have a very healthy baby! I couldn’t tell you why the other pregnancies didn’t work out, and I wouldn’t dare to speculate, but I do know that this baby of theirs makes them the happiest, and most grateful parents in the world!

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