New Part Time work

I got a new gig with Midwest Events. I’ll be going out and meeting race directors for various events around town in the Twin Cities, getting to know them, and help build good PR for Midwest Events. If they need equipment i’ll be able to help them with that, if they need volunteer work, I am there to help, and if they’re all good to go, then I will participate in their events to show that we are there to support them 100%.

It’s going to be very fun!

My first event is at Race up the Place this weekend in Minneapolis. It should be a blast! Later on that day I am going downhill skiing with Jason, Missy, Brian, Amber & Rick at Afton Alps. It should be a ton of fun. Hopefully I don’t climb too many stairs where I get all pooped out for skiing!

Soup da loup

Well I’ve been cooking soup all day long! I got up around 8am and have been cooking soup since 8:30am. My mom and dad came over to help chop vegetables, pull meat apart, and ensure I was adding the different ingredients at the same time. Plus to make sure I added just enough of our secret ingredient.

Jason, Kirra and I went to Adventure Park today, and boy was it busy! We didn’t stay for very long at all. MAYBE and hour? There were kids everywhere, the parking lot was jam packed, so it wasn’t too fun, even though Kirra seemed to still have fun.

After that we exchanged some movies at Blockbuster, and went to Toys are Us looking for a bouncy horse for Kirra. The cost on the bouncy horse was a little much. Maybe she can have it for Easter or after we get our tax money back, so we settled on a chair instead for her. It’s a purple plush chair with Dora the Explorer.

Once we got home we had soup for dinner, cleaned up a bit, and now Jason is reading to Kirra, it’s way to precious! Once the little woman goes to bed Jason and I will watch “My best friend’s Girlfriend” with Dane Cook, and eat popcorn.

Happy Friday

Kirra and I had a great day today. She was good at daycare, and was in a great mood! We all had Subway for dinner. I got her a mini turkey sub with spinach on it, but Kirra didn’t seem to excited about spinach. Well what kid is? Then we went to the gym at the elementary school with some of me and Kirra’s friends from our moms group. I was hoping for a little more “toys” or what-not, but none the less it was fun to get together with some other mom friends, and Kirra enjoyed hanging out with Aiden and Dylan.

Kirra is still coughing, but we only have 13 more days before we see the pulmonologist. I’m anxious to find out what Kirra’s deal is. Being a mom is a roller coaster ride. I read this blog about this tiny little premie who is struggling every day, and I get so worried about things that are much less. Between Kirra’s broken leg, her bout of pneumonia, and now this ever-lasting cough, I just worry so much. I know she will be fine, I just want some answers.

Back at the office Friday

Back at the office tomorrow. I did get quite a bit done, but there were a lot of other things I really wanted to get done as well. I just hope that Tally’s kids are feeling better, and that Kirra doesn’t get sick.

Saturday we’re having the water softener guy come over and tell us how to use ours. Our dishwasher has been leaving white spots on our dishes and we know it’s because of the hard water. I’m also going to be making my moms famous vegetable soup. My parents are coming over to oversee that I’m doing everything right. Later on in the afternoon I think that Jason and I are taking Kirra to Adventure Park to play.
Sunday I have my work party in the evening, where I am serving the homemade soup. The reason why I am having my parents come over to make sure I did it right. It seems pretty easy, it’s just a long process. Lots and lots of simmering.
I’ll make updates this weekend.
Be Well.

Working from home tomorrow!

Well I will be working from home tomorrow because Tally’s kids are sick with the pukies and the pooies. I could have dropped Kirra off at the daycare just down the road or asked Janis to watch her, but it was kind of later at night, and the daily drop in rate is $40, and I don’t really know them much yet. I’m sure eventually I will have the lady down the street watch Kirra. I hope to get some work done though tomorrow. I have a few research projects I can definitely work on!

Little Better

Kirra has been a little better lately. Letting her have the pacifier has really helped out a lot. She’s also been pretty clingy so I busted out my Mei Tai carrier if I need/want to get some cleaning done. Poor thing has like 4 teeth coming in.

We have playgroup tomorrow and I really hope she isn’t crabby. She’s getting a lot more used to the pulmicort nebulizer and isn’t as afraid anymore.

I’m a Method advocate where they will send you products to test out for them so they can market, or improve their products. They send you full size products that you get to keep, and then they send you 3 coupons for free products! I think it’s absolutely great!

I have Steel for Real (What i tested out) for stainless steel appliances etc. And with my coupons I got the toilet bowl cleaner which smells really nice, the daily shower spray and the little dishwasher chips.

I love the smell of all of them! If you like Method products or haven’t tried them out you really should, and you should become an advocate!

Crab Apple

Kirra has been so crabby lately! She will just cry and crab over the smallest things. And not just a little crabby, I mean life is tragic type! She will just throw herself back and cry for HOURS! We don’t know if its her new medicine, or if it’s just teething… Welcome to parenthood right?

We just don’t know how to help her. We’ve broken our ‘rules’ and let her have the pacifier outside of the crib, and if all else fails we give her a time out in her crib, because we have no idea why she throws some of these fits.

Today was fun it was my 15 year elementary school reunion with St. Mary of the Lake. It was really nice getting to see everyone again.

My cold is getting better, my voice is coming back slowly but surely, and it makes me quite happy! It’s still “there” but definitely better. Tomorrow I am going cross country skiing with my mom, and Jason will be watching the NFC championship!

Really great news… we had the refrigerator repair man come out and fix our freezer. Oh yeah! For the first time since June/July we have a freezer in our KITCHEN again. I am so very excited about this. I know going down the basement isn’t that big of a deal, but having food in the upstairs freezer is simply awesome!

Now mommy is sick!

Well as of last Sunday (1/4) I started getting very congested and a bad headache. This ebbed and flowed through out the week, and has now moved into my lungs. So now I don’t have a voice, and I am having coughing attacks! Hopefully Kirra didn’t give me what she had/has, or that I will make her more susceptible if she really does have asthma!

Jason and I bought Guitar Hero for our Wii, so Jason has been a Guitar Hero playing maniac. I play the drums or sing when I play.
I’ve managed to get out and go cross country skiing, and have found an indoor track for running, which is wonderful news for my training, because running in the snow that we got today doesn’t look very fun!
24 more days until we see the Pulmonary specialist and hopefully get answers!

Happy October!

I can’t believe its October already! Where did the time go? I thought we were just getting over the winter! Its was pretty chilly today, I had to scrape my car windows because of the frost! With the scraper! ALREADY!!!

Kirra has been great. She is talking up a storm, and acting like a teenager already. She loves to say the word no. But she says it with such a sweet innocent voice. She’s starting to say the word yeah! We’ve tried to do some potty training, but she isn’t ready quite yet, which is ok too. She is good about telling us when she needs a diaper, but she doesn’t like sitting on her potty yet.
Tomorrow i’m in marathon weekend mode. I’ll be staying at the hotel and working at the RiverCentre for the first few days, and then on Sunday I’ll be at the start line and the finish line. I’ll try to take lots of pictures!
I’m going to miss Kirra and Jason though.

Paging Dr. Evans….

Yay! Dr. Evans called today, and we have a new action plan for Kirra. She and I think Kirra most likely did contract Whooping Cough back in October, and is just in a funky state of wheezing (asthma). So we prescribed Pulmicort nebulizer to be taken every morning for the next month. It’s a steroid inhailer to decrease inflamation. Its slow working so it will take a while to work (about 2 weeks) but I feel now like we’re getting somewhere.

She also suggested to continue the Prevacid because she likely still has heartburn too.

When Kirra and I got home today a brand new dishwasher was waiting for me in the kitchen! Yippeee!