What’s in a name?

I was reading through Matthew chapter 1 – verses 1-17, “Person A is the father of person B, Person B is the father of person C” and so forth… There are straight names for 17 verses, and like the book of numbers and judges its so easy to just skip over this entire section… but what I noticed was Rahab was mentioned. And it got me thinking… wow… God has such a huge plan for us. It might not have anything to do with what we can imagine. I’m sure Rahab NEVER thought she would one day be the great great great great…. (etc) grandmother to Jesus.

Now – while i’m not a prositute – I definitely need rescuing and have my own sins that i’m accountable for, and there can be seasons in my life that I feel down, or wonder what life’s purpose is. For some reason this song kept popping into my head while reading chapter 1, and i just kept thinking of Rahab.

I’m sure Kerrie Roberts didn’t write this song from Rahab’s perspective… but she easily could have.

I can’t imagine what story will continue to unfold in the next thousand years!

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