This amazing dish was shared to me by my co-worker Greg! Versatile as ever its really a foodies dream!

Take Quiona, Olive Oil & Chicken as the base, and then add in any vegetable that your heart desires.

This dish is all about the chef’s choices. You can cook the chicken in the oven. I believe this offers the best taste, but it also takes approximately 45 minutes to bake chicken at 350 degrees. I am a busy working mother of a six year old, so I usually take the easy road, and commit culinary crime and BOIL my chicken! Yes… I know. Sad. I’ve been referred to as a communist.
So I BOIL my frozen chicken, but not completely. I have some culinary hope. Once its nice and pinked up  and almost cooked I throw it in my wok with some EVOO and cook that up and chop up into nice little pieces with my wooden spoon.
Then I usually pour myself a nice glass of wine!
Now its time for the chop! I grab whatever produce I have on hand, which I usually have a lot, because who doesn’t love to nourish their bodies with super yummy vegetables? Today. It was carrots, peppers, and Kale! (my new favorite versatile food.) but honestly grab whatever you think sounds delicious. You really can’t put anything in it that would be wrong!
Once your chicken is cooked, throw in the veggies, and add a little more EVOO.
Cook up your Quiona. Its usually 1 part quiona and 2 parts water, but I find that makes it too watery, so I usually make 1 cup quiona and 1.5 cups of water. I put in my pampered chef micro cooker, and microwave for about 8 minutes or so. Stove top is fine too, and probably easier in some regards.
When all of the water is cooked out of the quiona add some EVOO, and add some Lowry’s garlic salt to taste.
Throw some soy sauce and Lowry’s garlic salt to the veggie/chicken mix.
Plate up!
Bon Appetite
Time to eat.

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