And done.

I will have to go back and post the rest of my thoughts from the other chapters, but I am officially done reading through the entire bible! I will continue to blog my thoughts here however.

It was an incredible journey. If I think back to the first post and where I was a year ago with my understanding of who God was, and how much he unbelievably loves me is unexplainable in a blog post!

For the sake of time – since I fell off the wagon, but still want to capture thoughts – with your permission I’m going to post small clip videos and songs of what spoke to me through the new testament, and as I get time I will go back and add commentary.

My goal for the summer is to really go back through Psalms and rake it through and drink it in! In my small group right now we are raking through Galatians, and that has been a blessing to me to sink in now and get deep with the word.

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