Thanks to a friend of mine we got an unlimited wristband for Nick Universe at the Mall of America, and Jason and I have season pass to underwater world, so we though since it was going to be a crappy Saturday outside we’d go INSIDE! We met up with Missy, Brian and the kids.

We were hoping that since Kirra had so much fun on the man-powered rides at the Renaissance Festival, we’d get lucky and she’d like real rides, and boy she didn’t disappoint! Here are some fun highlights of the day!
Kirra and I on the Diego bus… which made me really dizzy
Jason & Kirra on the little rollercoaster! Weee
She even got to meet Dora!!!
So did we…
Next it was time for the Log Ride! Yes… they let her on it! You
can see in the video… she is in the very front, and I’m second.
That’s probably me who is screaming!
The Wonder Pets ride! She loved it.
In the video as you can see from the photo above,
Kirra is second in from the left
Blue’s Clues with Gabby
Hot air balloon ride with Daddy
And because Saturday at the MOA wasn’t enough, we took Kirra sledding down a HUGE hill on Sunday too!

Bait and Hook…

Tonight was Spin class again with “Crazy Don”…

I got to class and it was slightly less busy than the last time (yes I’ve been on a hiatus because of a vacation…. please forgive me… but hey! I’m back). I got my bike and was able to be a little bit more in the back this time, which my view was better because I could see myself in the mirror. I know… totally ridiculous, but I like to check on my form now and again!

My shorts too short for spin class today. Totally fine for running…. but not Spin…especially when there is a guy behind me! Last time my capris were too hot, today…I need more coverage. Eventually I’ll figure it out but hey… I didn’t have wool sox on today!!!

The cycling seemed a bit easier… I think he went easier on us tonight. We still had some ferocious hills and did that ridiculously hard to keep up push up routine… but time seemed to go by faster anyways… I’d like to atribute that to my skills.. .haha.

So… after an EXCEPTIONALLY hard climb to the song “I had the time of my life”/origional version…which Don said his new lyrics and ours should be “I had the climb of my life” (yes I got stuck, because I turned it [the dial] up too high, I couldn’t pedal at all…) our amazing instructor DON…. passed out chocolate truffles to everyone! I really couldn’t believe it, but I think he’s on to something…. he said its the only way he’s going to get us to keep coming back on Fridays.

I take back what I said about him being a Nazi Slave Driver… well… sort of. He really did whip us hard two weeks ago, because I was about in tears, but today we have a great workout, AND he hands out chocolates! I love it. If he hands out wine at class next Friday I’ll never skip again… but I’ll live with truffles…

Of course we paid for it by finishing up with a hard sprint, but the delicious truffle was sooo worth it!

Running Hearts

Despite it being Valentine’s Day I went for a quick run at the gym. Just a 20 minute jog workout on the treadmill, but worked on pace more instead of walking most of my trip. It felt pretty good, but the time didn’t go by quite as fast as when I walked the first 5…ran for 10-13 and cooled down the rest… O’well.. I ran 1.75 miles this time in 20, so I have improvement! I’d LOVE to run at least 2 miles for my first Tri on March 20th!

XC Ski

Well I went with my mom and her co-worker XC Skiing today! It was so much fun, but I think I toasted them on the trails! I remember a time that my mom was in better ski shape than me, but I think because of all of the working out i’ve done over the past week or two I’ve already become stronger!

It was REALLY warm out today… probably close to 50. I easily could have been in a tank top, which seems ridiculous given the amount of snow that is still left. I could get used to this though! If today was my last time XC Skiing of the season I won’t be terribly depressed… but it would be nice maybe one more time. We’ll see.

I tried to “run” most of the time, or at least double pole with a kick like my old co-worker taught me, but I quickly found myself way ahead of my mom, especially when it came to hills. It felt great, but my arms are still tired from Spin class!

Well… toodles!

Spin Cycle

Today I went to my first Spin Class since 2005 maybe 2006. As I got there I saw the class was jam packed for a Friday night jaunt. That sort of made me feel better, that I would blend in!

The instructor who looked about 75 years old helped me get set up, and off and going! We started out the spin class all nice with a few hills and warming up, and then the Nazi Slave Driver in him came out! I thought I was going to die or pass out a few times! I DEFINITELY hit my lactic threshold a few times!

His favorite line was to ask everyone in class: “If you’re going to puke…where do you puke?” and then everyone screamed out… “To the Right”… I thought oh boy what did I get myself into, and wow, puking sounds so appealing right now!

I was so hot and not sweating very well, so next time I do spin I need to be well hydrated ahead of time! All I wanted to do the second half of class was run outside into a snow bank!

I know if I attend regularly that it will help me improve my biking technique… so I will go back and spin with crazy Don again.

Kirra undoubtedly had a blast again in the kids area!

Till next time!

Day One – Stop making excuses

I’m sick or “pretend” injured…

I’m tired….

I don’t have time…

I’ve tried and I’m still not as good as _____…

The gym is too far away…

It’s too cold outside, or its raining…

I could keep going with this list, but I’m guessing you get the point. So often my training gets derailed by my own inner dialogue I have with myself, that I am… truly my own worst enemy in the training department. So often I miss just one day of training and then I pack up the trunk…the show is over!

When I look in the mirror I’m not who I once was. Don’t get me wrong, and don’t worry I do not have self esteem issues, but my body has taken a vacation on me. And not the kind that gets all sun kissed and sandy… no… my body is not as muscular as it once was. I miss that…

I used to run 6 miles per day, and swim and bike nearly every day as well. I was in a cycling club that logged 80-100 miles per weekend, I was completely “in shape”.

I’ve tried over the past few years to get motivated, and get back on the fitness horse, but I haven’t really gotten on. Sure I’ve ridden side saddle, but I want to ride western style again like i’m in a wild wild west movie. I’m getting back on with low running mileage and two sports I really love and adore…swimming and biking.

I’m not planning anything really crazy this year, unless you think that 6-8 triathlons this year is “crazy”. Nothing will be over an olympic distance, because again… i’m learning to ride a horse again… not try and ride 8 seconds on a wild bull. (what’s up with the western theme..seriously?)

So… here it is… laid out for all to see. I’m about to stop making excuses and just do… or just TRY for Pete’s sake.

I’m doing 4 indoor triathlons this year at various Life Time Fitness locations around the metro. Why four? Because if I do 4 I get this super nifty transition bag and I can look cool when I show up to my other races!

I’m also planning to do some open water/outdoor triathlons as well.


Today… was day one…

Since Jason’s been home with Kirra all day the girl doesn’t get out much and see people her own size. Because I have grown to hate this winter I’d much rather workout inside than outside… plus if I’m going to be training for a a triathlon and swim its kind of hard to swim in frozen lakes, and bike on icy streets. Besides that… there is a great kids area at the gym so she can get some kiddo time.

So! We went… Because i’m on the huge Triathlon kick, and since my first one is in 6 weeks I thought I better get training. Today – was a “see where I’m at”, backwards triathlon.


Ran 20 minutes on the treadmill. This is the time that you have to run for the indoor tri. You’re scored based on mileage. I started out walking for 5 minutes and ran about 13 minutes, and then took a 2-3 minute cool down slow run and walk. I made it a whopping 1.5 miles!

Walked over to the bikes, adjusted my seat and off I went. After doing a quick heart rate check I had to slow down. My bike seat was all goofy and kept twisting and shifting on me, so that was just a real treat of a ride… also the seat raises and lowers in levels not exactly my height… so it was kind of a sucky ride. I think in the future I’m just going to do spin class where you can adjust your seat exactly and wear your cycling shoes which makes such a HUGE difference… but I kept it above 90 RPMs and biked for 30 minutes which is the time that you’re supposed to bike. I made it a whole 7.4 miles! Woot! I think I could go faster on a spin bike which I get to be on for the tri.

Jumped in the pool and started out with my tried and true = breaststroke. I used some tips from my co-worker Quinn for better technique and “drills”. My co-worker is/was a competitive swimmer so I feel like I can utilize her expertise and get some help. We were talking about how silly it is that I do breastroke for triathlons when freestyle will help me go a lot faster and probably conserves more energy.

The reason I don’t do freestyle is that my breathing always gets jacked up, and my arms get super tired… but I thought, ah what the heck and gave it a try. To be honest… I think with some practice the freestyle stroke is going to be the one I utilize this season. It felt better, and was surprised that it worked. When I tried to go too fast I barely made it 25 yards, but once I slowed down…regulated my breathing it worked out great! Speed will come later. For now… i’m working on technique and not drowning…. If I had to guess I’d say I went 300-400 yards.

All in all it felt good! Kirra had a blast playing with people her own size.. when I told her it was time to go this was our dialogue as she was climbing in the slide area:

Me: Kirra its time to go
Kirra: No… not yet
Me: Kirra, I want to go home
Kirra: Well… I don’t

Eventually I bribed her out with Dora.

She had to go potty, so our conversation continued:

Kirra: um. Mommy? Did you have a nice swim?
Me: Yes Kirra. I ran and biked and swam actually.
Kirra: Yeah, I have to run and bike and swim tonight too. I’m going to be so busy and pooped out!

All in all I’d say it was a great workout. I’m excited to do it again!

Until Next time….

Liar Liar pants on Fire….

Well Kirra has been a pretty good liar lately!

I don’t mind her being sassy believe it or not… but this lying business!!!
(GROSS FACTOR WARNING)…Yesterday she has some skid marks in her undies, so when we asked her about it… she told us that Tyler pooped in her undies….
At the dinner table she told us she had to go potty… so we let her leave the table…and when she was gone for a bit we found her in our room watching Dora! (STINKER!!!)

Skating time! Round two!

Well Jason and I decided now that Kirra has smaller skates thanks to her cousin Bella, we’d give it another go…Plus Kirra has been begging us to take her skating since her and I watched Nationals on TV. We got out there and at first Kirra was really scared although functional! I just told her to walk normal on the ice…

We got the pusher around her while Jason was in front, and I was behind her kind of holding her up, while she held onto the pusher to get her comfortable and re-assured on the ice.

Eventually she felt sturdy enough for just one of us to hold the pusher because she tried to skate too fast and would fall on her butt. At first she enjoyed hanging onto the front bar,although she was supposed to hang onto the top curves…so her steering was pretty bad!
After we got her to hang on the top and LOOK where she was going…I held the pusher in front to keep her from going too fast, but she was doing pretty good pushing her mama around the rink! We even made it around the rink about 6 times before she declared her tiredness! That’s about $2 per loop for us! HAHAH.

Jason and Kirra were pooped out, and I wanted to let loose a bit, so I fired off some more loops fast to compensate for our entry fee. There were far too many people on the ice with little kiddo’s so I couldn’t do any spins or jumps.
O’well. I’ve learned that teaching Kirra how to ice skate is going to take LOADS and LOADS of patience, but she really enjoys it, and I enjoy watching her skate as I had all those years ago, and with her puffy pink coat, she kind of looks like the little pig! 🙂