Cough Back….

Well Kirra’s cough has come back. It’s been back now for 3-4 days. I’m a little worried about it, since we don’t really know what’s going on, but she mostly coughs at night, and sometimes it just makes Kirra so sad. I called the doctor today, and the nurse called us back. She is going to ask the doctor what she thinks we should do and call us back, so I am just waiting to hear.

Our pediatrician’s nurse called us back again, and gave us the number to the U of M pediatric hospital. They want us to see a pediatric pulminary specialist. The only problem is that we can’t get in until February 5th. We’re also on a cancelation notice, so that if someone else cancels we can get in earlier.

So I called our pediatricians office back (yes I had to go thru the call center) to tell them this. I mean really? We’re just supposed to wait until February and do nothing in the mean time? How annoying. I just want to know what’s wrong with my baby.

Maybe a cure?

Well today we didn’t hear back from the pediatrician, so after dinner Jason and I decided to give Kirra some Zurtek. Something obviously worked before, so we thought we’d give it a try.

A little while after we gave her the zurtek she spit up a little like she normally does, so we thought, hey she still has some Prevacid, so we gave her some of that too, which it could definitely be, (GERD) especially since she coughs mostly at night and in the morning, when even I have the worst heartburn. The more and more I think about it, the more I realize, she does spit up probably every single day! (ding ding ding)

No cough tonight! So… maybe one of them worked 🙂 We’re going to keep giving them so long as it keeps the cough away until we see the specialist.


Well Kirra is very into walking these days. I’d say she probably walks about 90% of the time. Its a rareity that she crawls anymore, unless she needs to get somewhere fast, or she falls down. We’re getting ready to host a New Years Eve party at our house, and we’re all looking forward to that.

Jason is up to pro-tennis player on our new Wii, and I am a pro-bowler. I used to be the better one at Tennis, but now Jason just whoops me. Kirra’s been kind of cranky tonight, we’re not sure if she was just extra hungry, or if she is teething. Who knows, maybe both. We’ll keep an eye on her.

I’m on my 12th day off from work for Holiday! It’s been great. I go back to work next Monday. I feel refreshed, and will be ready to hit the ground running again. Not that I wasn’t before, but vacation is always nice!


Although every Christmas is super fun, this year was even extra fun since Kirra opened most of her own presents. She was very excited about the many things.

We started out at my parent’s  house. We had hot beef sammies for lunch that were absolutely delicious! Kirra got lots of new clothes, and some really neat toys. Mom and Dad got a Wii! Kirra didn’t nap all day long, so she was extremely tired. She slept in the car for about 45 minutes.
Later that day we drove out to Uncle Joes in Lake Elmo. On the way Kirra was having her nap, so Jason took me to see their old family farm in Stillwater. They apparently changed a lot of things, so we couldn’t see the farm, but now I knew where it was. Uncle Joe’s was equally fun. He had a great dinner, and it was so wonderful to see everyone.
After a long day we drove home. Jason set up the Wii, and I went to church.
Thursday – Christmas day, we woke up and went to Jason’s parents. Kirra got lots of clothes, a nice book, some great stockings in her stocking, and even a lady bug toy that she was particularly afraid of.
I got some very cute clothes, the softest sox ever, and a gorgeous candle holder.. Mom even got some sleeper pajamas! (Picture to follow!), and Daddy got lots of awesome stuff too, including a tool box, since we always loose our screwdrivers. He also got a pull up bar that hooks on the door frame!!!
We had so much good food, that mom was absolutely stuffed! It was a great Christmas!

Happy Birthday Mama

Today was me and my dad’s birthday! We celebrated on Sunday at my parents house. We had a delicious tenderloin, squash, green beans, potatoes, and salad. It was definitely delicious, and if you left hungry it was your own fault. We even got a cake from Key’s that is always delicious.

I got lots of nice things, and wish to Thank EVERYONE for the gifts, and nice thoughts!

Wakie Wakie…

Kirra’s new favorite game is to wake up around midnight, and cry. Really sad cries…so what does mommy do? Run in her room to see what is the matter. Kirra reaches her arms out and gladly lets me swoop her into my arms and hold her tight. So I sway back and forth, and Kirra lovingly rests her head on my shoulder. So I sit in the rocking chair a good 15 minutes or so and she seems to be asleep.

Sometimes she will pick up her head and give a small chuckle. Like haha mommy I tricked you! So we rock some more. I go to lay her down, and curdling tears again 😦 . Well daddy is sleeping, and we don’t want to wake him up… so I calm her down, only to give up and let her cry it out.

Welcome to mothering.

p.s. I’m in bed typing ever so quietly, I can actually hear my darling daughter playing in her crib, and now the dog at my feet is having bad dreams! What a night!

Getting Ready

Well we’re just getting ready for the Christmas season, which is definitely upon us! I’ve taken some time off work, for a much needed holiday break! I’m off now until January 5th, 2009. My house alone is happy I’m taking some time off, and I’m already so enjoying my time with Kirra.

Today we went to Northtown mall, and stopped by the pet shop. Kirra just loved it! She thought watching the little puppies were so funny, and she definitely liked watching the fish! We’ve gotten a new computer, and High Speed Internet too, so that is super nice. We even have the fancy wireless for the house, and then i can take my laptop anywhere I want.
My dad is doing well with recovery. I think he is anxious to get back to his old self again, however I know deep down he is so grateful at this second chance, and how beautiful life is. He’s living his life to the fullest, and relaxing a lot all at the same time!
So far this holiday season we’ve already been to see Santa Claus… look on the homepage for pictures…I went to the Lorie Line concert at the State Theatre, which is always a good time! Sunday we’re celebrating me and my dad’s birthday at my parents house, and then we’re going to my Uncle Joe’s house for Christmas Eve, and I will probably go to Midnight mass…and Jason’s parent’s for Christmas day, and finally Great Grandma Nancy’s Saturday the 27th, for even more Christmas cheer!
Look forward to the pictures a plenty this Christmas season, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

No More COUGH!

Well perhaps by the power of medicine (the Zpack) or by chance Kirra stopped coughing. Her Whooping Cough test also came back negative. Kirra has been walking all over the place, and has really developed an appetite! We got a new computer and high speed internet now, so I should have no excuses for lazy blogging.

I really want to try out this store/restaurant called Let’s Dish! You get to go to the store, and pick out meals. You make them and get to bring them all home. Then if you’re having a lazy night and can’t figure out what to cook, you just throw one of these Let’s Dish items together, and don’t have to worry about missing ingredients or anything.

Tomorrow is Gabby’s birthday party, and that should be fun. Two is a fun age, she will probably understand more about opening her birthday presents, and it will be fun to watch. I got her Aquadoodle, I really hope she likes it!

Post Turkey

Thanksgiving went really well. I ran a 5K in the morning, and then went home to make a rutabega, and some Jello. Kirra had lots of turkey and stuffing, and absolutely LOVED pumpkin silk pie!

Well Kirra had still been coughing, and despite what Dr. Kuku said, I still did not feel like Kirra’s cough could just continue without any treatment. So we decided to go back to Dr. Evans on Friday (11/28) our origional pediatrician, who we really did/do like. Dr. Evans differential diagnosis was either Whooping Cough or allergies. We took the test for both, and today we got word that she does NOT have allergies. So now we’re just waiting to hear if it was Whooping Cough. We went ahead and treated her for it, since she had all of the symptoms. Kirra’s cough has actully gotten a lot better! I will post more when we find out about the WC test.