County Market

Well, Jason and I tried out a new grocery store today. We always get coupons for this “Kings County Market”with ridiculous savings… so we went tonight, and it was a really nice store, and it had really great savings. We saved $40 with coupons!!!! My voice has barely come back. If I really want to talk I can. So hopefully after resting it tonight I can talk tomorrow.

Hopefully it starts warming up soon so that I can start running again. I haven’t ran for a week or so, and I really really need to get back on the horse. I’ve been working out on the Biggest Loser game for wii though and I feel like its been helping out a lot.
Jason and I have also started eating a lot healthier! I haven’t had any pop in over a week, and drink water with all of my meals now. Sometimes milk, and juice is a treat. We’re eating “low fat” versions of nearly everything,or “low sugar”. For snacks we’re eating fruit, or veggies too! We’re getting fit together!

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