Clean Eating

Jason and I watched a documentary last week called Forks over Knives which was about eating whole foods and eating a plant based diet. We researched it – checked out numerous library books, and cookbooks. I had previously read a book called the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and watched Food Inc. and Meet your Meat. We first thought about entertaining a full out vegan diet. Free of any animal products, and were going to try that for a month and see what results we got. (After you watch Meet your Meat you’ll want to entertain the idea as well). After scouting out the options,we settled on a happy medium [for us]. We’re going to cut out red meat, but will eat fish and chicken [caught ourselves/raised humanely]. We also plan to add a lot more whole grains, fruits, vegetables,and definitely WHOLE FOODS. I am personally going to cut out dairy. Do any kind of research and you’ll know why. Cheese is going to be very very difficult. Not because I munch on cheese all day or NEED to have it in everything, but because many recipes call for it. I will try though. We will substitute some of our chicken and fish meals with beans for protein and hopefully see better results, a healthier body and minds. We’re going to kick the habit (again) of eating junky processed foods and focus on healthier eating. We did try this back in February-April, and fell off the wagon,but hopefully with dedication, and better meal and SNACK planning we will stay on. And hey – if we fall off we can always get back on. One slip up doesn’t mean the end of healthy eating! So I will blog about our journey once a week and let you know how its going. Bon Appétit

Crate Training

Since we’ve brought Sadie home she has spent several nights in the bathroom ( to limit where accidents are) a handful of nights in our bedroom (because we couldn’t take the crying) although then its like a treasure hunt to see where she has all had accidents… and finally we’re now crate training. Night 1 in the crate we put her in around 11pm,and boy did she whine, and cry and thrash around in there. Of course its not fun being in a crate especially when you’ve gotten to sleep with your owners on a tempurpedic mattress… but we didn’t want the accidents… and I actually got less sleep when she’s NOT in her crate. We gave up on Thursday into Friday around 1am. Friday Sadie had her first shot,and her vet check which went well. They said she is really really healthy looking, and had no concerns. We go back in around a month for more shots! She even got a nail trim, and her ears cleaned out! Friday night into Saturday night (just last night) we went for crate training number 2. All of the research says that on overnights you have to be ‘hardcore’ and not give into whining, crying,barking and thrashing. That you have to completely ignore it so they don’t think that you’ll come to them every time they whine. Instead they will learn that crying is futile. We ignored her successfully, and everyone got some sleep! When she is not napping (which she does very frequently) she is out every 2 hours or so, and is getting pretty good at potty training. 🙂 She does very well in the crate when we’re away for a few hours, and its nice to know we can leave without our house being destroyed, or her, or any of our animals being in danger.


Since we’ve owned Tyler in 2005 I always kind of wanted a smaller dog… but Jason wasn’t usually too fond of the smaller breeds… in about 2009 or so Jason has agreed that a Jack Russell Terrier breed would be a good choice, and I really really wanted a JRT. My friend had one as well, so I knew about their personalities, and I had done lots of research. Well I finally found a breeder that didn’t cost an arm and a leg… so the Wednesday after Kirra’s birthday (11/16) Lisa, Kirra and I headed up to Clearwater, MN to get …..Sadie….. She is 9 weeks old, 5 pounds, and a little ball of energy when she is not cuddling and napping.

Weekend Re-Cap

Well first off I’m super behind on posting anything about our family for weeks now! Kirra celebrated her FOURTH birthday with two parties, lots of Tinkerbell, and family and friends. Friday of her birthday weekend 11/11/11 – we had the K side over to our house and had Chicken Divan for dinner. She got PJs, some preschool books, barbies, puzzles and more. Saturday morning – bright and early our friend Lisa came over and gave Kirra Tinkerbell themed gifts! A tink doll, shirt, puzzle, and princess coloring book! We’ve already had so much fun with it all! We were off for dance class, which it looked as though they were going to start rehearsing their routine for the recital in 5 weeks, but most of the class was spent on basics. Finally in the evening I made Chili two ways. One was beef chili and the other was venison chili. Most people ate the Darwin Chili as Amillie calls it… but I personally just had the beef. Again Kirra got some really amazing gifts, a vtec laptop, more tinker bell, PJs, and a HUGE barbie house!!! Kirra and I have now been playing barbies for hours at a time since her birthday! Its pretty cool. Thank you to everyone who wished Kirra well, and who celebrated. Thanks also for the new toys & PJs. Kirra LOVES them all!

Cleanup on Aisle 8

Today Kirra and I went to Super Target to get the food/ingredients we needed for her birthday parties tomorrow and on Saturday. Included in that was some reddi-whip for the frosting for her cupcakes. Well since we’re doing cupcakes both nights I figured we better buy two cans of reddi-whip. Well we were in the checkout lane, and were putting the items/ingredients up on the conveyer belt. Kirra was helping me, and was she just about to hike up the reddi-whip, when she dropped it on the floor in front of her and it exploded with a violent white furry all over the floor…. all over us…. all over the cart…. all over the magazines…. all over the snacks…ALL OVER AISLE 8. Did you know how slippery Reddi whip is? I found out, because then I slipped and fell because it was like standing on an ice skating rink,and then I kept slipping, and was barely able to even stand up without death gripping the cart! The very nice cashier, called for “Cleanup on Aisle 8” and then promptly handed me a wad of paper towels,and like an idiot (or a mom) I started whipping up the floor, and our mess. She told me no, they were for me, and my daughter to wipe off on. (Since we were covered,and looked like the abominable snow man) They were so nice there, and i was just MORTIFIED! (Mortified like I was 10 minutes earlier when we were in the shaving aisle… and Kirra announced VERY loudly [when noticing a box of Nair for bikini area] – “Look how inappropriate those women are mommy, they’re showing off their potty… hahaha POTTY! Potty Potty Potty,Uncle Rick fixes potties…”) And then I got some stares. Needless to say it was a funny, and very embarrassing trip to Target!!!!

Barbie Marathon

I’m still really feeling under the weather, and to be frank I’m SICK of it. Not that being sick is ever fun, but this is one helluva cold, and it’s kicking me hard. I want to just perpetually stay in bed, and have IV fluids give me all the replenishment I need, so I can sleep and not worry about needing to drink water. Once we got home Kirra and I were playing barbies, and she was playing Cinderella (which Sara got her at the MOA), and she showed Ken her underwear, and said, “Ken… don’t you like my underwear?” Ken [me]: CInderella, that is inappropriate. You should never show kens your unders. Cinderella: But they’re so pretty look at them. (puts barbies butt in kens face) Ken: Cinderella, that is naughty. Cinderella: Show me your underwear, I showed you mine. ** Play is formally interrupted. “Kirra. inappropriate” We haven’t played undie barbie since… I’m a bit worried about her sometimes :-). I’ve now been playing barbies with her for over an hour… which is a miracle,and a new record for me. I don’t know how I have lasted this long! It’s like a marathon!