So Busy

Life has been so busy lately! I need to stop and smell the roses! Last week even though short, was filled with playdates, part time job work, full time job work, and fun! Friday my TCM job and I volunteered at the Second Harvest Foodshelf where we bundled over 15,000 pounds of frozen meat! Later on I picked up Kirra, and we went swimming in our pool. Friday night I finally was just at home, and it was wonderful to be home for once on a Friday night!

Saturday my Relay team came over to design our luminary bags, and to brainstorm a revised team name and other fundraising ideas. We settled on Aloha Life. Hello Life, Goodbye Cancer. Our new teams mantra. We designed our luminary bags with the hawaiian turtle, and Theo found a huge Aloha sign to hang on our tent! I think we’re planning to sell Hawaiian Punch in little pre-packaged bottles at our site too.
This week is jam packed once again with playdates, meetings for work and otherwise, with a reprieve on Friday, and then we’re having a 4th of July bash at our house, and I am teaching Sunday School on Sunday! Should be fun. At least I am back to Tally for daycare, so I can sleep in a little bit! :-). Amber watched Kirra last week W-T-F. What a blessing! I’m sure Kirra is also excited to get back to her friends Michael & Jonah at JLM Daycare.

Day off. Just me and my baby

Today I took the day off (tomorrow too) to spend some much needed time with my daughter. We started out with Cherios for breakfast, and she suprised me by completely knowing how to use her spoon and eat the cherio’s like a big girl! After breakfast we went to a friends house, where Kirra and Anna played house in the Rose Petal cottage.
Kirra helped me run errands today, getting pool chemicals, and we put that in the pool, and had lots of fun together!
Tomorrow we’re going to story-time at the library, and kickin’ it mother-daughter style.

Happy Father’s Day

Today Jason let me sleep in, bless his soul. I found out my good friend Kristina just moved about 4 blocks away from me, so I went over to her house last night to offer some moral support while she put up her new wardrobe from Ikea. The instructions on her wardrobe had no words, just cartoon characters which by themselves would be funny enough but with the few glasses of wine we had was even more funny. We’re planning to go biking in the mornings which will be so nice. I have Monday & Tuesday off, so I told her that it has to be after that!

I got home safe and sound Friday night at about 11:30. My co-worker Julie and I had a good ride home, singing karaoke style in the car… Near Finlayson we saw a cop car completely blazed in fire, which was pretty crazy. I’m not sure what happened there… Yesterday Jason, Kirra and I went to breakfast at Perkins. Kirra’s plate was bigger than even mine!

Later on we all took naps, and Kirra and I (after we woke up) went to 6pm church service, and then off to Jason’s parents for a visit. Kirra had fun jumping on the trampoline, and running in their 5 acre backyard! After we got back as I said above i went to Kristina’s house.

Today we went to my parents and had a BBQ of Hamburgers, fresh fruit, beans, chips and dips. We also had a Key’s house cake which is ALWAYS to die for. Then we had a fun game of croquet. I didn’t play, I was watching Kirra and playing tag with my nieces & nephew. It was a great time. Kirra is now taking a late nap, and I am making stroganoff for dinner. Tomorrow I have off work, and Kirra and I are meeting up with a friend to go to the park and have a picnic lunch!

In Duluth

Well I am up in Duluth for the Grandma’s Marathon. I am here with co-workers to represent TCM at our expo booth we have up here. We (my co-workers and I) got here safe and sound yesterday about 5pm, and then we worked at the expo until 9pm. We went to Little Angies? For dinner a Mexican restaurant in Canal Park. It was pretty yummy, although now here at 4am, because I miss my tempurpedic mattress!

We don’t have to be at the expo today until 10am (so, 6 more hours) which will be nice. I’m having a feeling that coffee/caribou will be my best friend tomorrow!!!

I called home to let Jason know that I got here safe, and he said that Kirra had a fever, and isn’t feeling well at all. I wish I was at home to give her lots of hugs and kisses, and just rock her, and cuddle her. I’m coming back (well tonight) after the expo (friday) so I should be home around 11:30pm or so.

This Sunday we’re going to my parent’s house for a BBQ Lunch and some croquet! It should be a great time, providing the weather holds out for us. Wish me a good day tomorrow, and safe travels!!!


Girlie Girls

So today I went to Miss Allison’s dance recital. She was absolutely so cute. She did two numbers. I got to hold Gabby for a while on my lap and love her up. Jason decided to stay home with Kirra. Dance recitals isn’t his cup of tea, even though his favorite summer show is “So you Think You Can Dance”. I know Kirra wouldn’t have lasted for the THREE hour recital either…

Speaking of girlie girls. I found out that Kirra plays babies with Tally at daycare. How adorable is that! My favorite toy in the world was barbies. I secretly still played barbies when I was even 14 years old…. I think I will be buying Kirra some barbies for her 2nd birthday! I can’t wait.

Me… I’ve been so busy between working, playdates, bible study, and chores (including Facebook, which is like a chore)… I’ve found time to read also. I wake up tired in the morning because I end up staying up until Midnight to read! Jason and I read the entire Twilight Series in about a month… he’s on to some new vampire series, House of Night, or something like that… and me… i’m reading 3 or 4 books simultaniously. I’m reading a book about Alison Sweeney, the actress that portrays Sami on Days of our Lives… an autobiography of her life and on the set of Days. I’m reading Water for Elephants, a great book I borrowed from a co-worker. I’m reading, Lies Women Believe for my bible study, and now I just got the book Wicked, tales and adventures of the Wicked Witch of the West…. Most people read one book at a time… I read 4…

19 months and mid-June

WOW, Already? Both of these have happened so incredibly fast! Looking back to last year at this time I can hardly believe that Kirra didn’t even know how to crawl yet, and now she is walking/running, and talking up a storm! She is now repeating pretty much everything you say, so we have to put the Potty Mouth Patrol out! NO MORE SWEARING!!! We shouldn’t anyways, but now we need to be more careful for slip-ups.

It’s been a really cool June, until this weekend! I’ve been working a lot lately, and last week I was at New Bri Tri, with pouring rain, and this weekend I had Du at the Dam and it was sunny and 70. You absolutely couldn’t have asked for a better day! I was the follow-up biker, so I got to bike 20 miles yesterday! Later on we went to a BBQ at a TCM co-workers house. Of course Kirra was the life of the party too! She kept going up to people when they were munching on apps, and they would give her some food, and then Kirra wouldn’t leave them alone. We forewarned them though before they gave her any food. “If you feed her, she won’t leave you alone”. We got to see pictures of my co-worker Sandy’s trip to Alaska on their Alaskan cruise, and now I desperately want to go on one. It was gorgeous. I at least want to take a trip to Ketchikan. Its very nostalgic looking!
On the way home from the party we quick stopped at Babies R Us to get Kirra’s new crib. They didnt have ANY of the first three cribs we liked in stock, so then we had to ask them WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN STOCK? And we found a gorgeous white one.
Today Kirra and I slept in until 10am, and then went to 11am church, while Jason stayed home to set up the crib, and fill the pool up. After church Kirra and I stopped by Frank & Theo’s for a little visit, and then we went off to William O’Brien State Park to go hiking with my friend Nikki. I have a hiking backpack that Kirra sits in, that has excellent back support. We had a great time, although it was pretty darn hot for hiking!
Well I’m off to a new week… Thursday-Friday and Saturday morning I will be in Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon. Nooooo I’m not running it… I’ll be there for a TCM expo booth. But I’m going to really miss Jason and Kirra. It will only be for two days, but I hate being away from my daughter for any amount of time.
Well I need to get ready for the week and for bed.


Healthy Again

Well it seems that we’re all healthy again! Hopefully now that will stay for a while. It’s been unusually cold this June so we haven’t even been able to enjoy our pool again! What a rip! Kirra doesn’t look for her fish anymore, so that’s good. She’s much more interested in her babies (i.e. her dolly’s).

I’ve been super busy lately, and will slow down at the end of the month! I have a duathlon I am working at this weekend, and then next week I will be in Duluth for Grandma’s marathon! After that I will be taking a few days off since our daycare provider will also be off. Phew! Then it’s the 4th of July. HOpefully by then it will warm up enough for shorts etc!

Mr. Ish…

Mr. Ish has died already. Kirra is too young to know if he’s gone or not, so I think this weekend I might make her a fish cut out of construction paper? Think I might be able to fool her? Poor thing. I hope she doesnt wake up tomorrow morning and go “ish” “Ish”. I’m sure she will, and my heart will break….

Go in peace Mr. F(ish)

Now the adults are sick…

Well, now Kirra got me sick, and Jason! I was home from work yesterday, and Jason stayed home today. Grrr. Hopefully we’ll all feel better soon! This weekend I have an event with my part time job, and I will be getting my breaks re-done. (finally, they are WAY past due). I will post more later 🙂