On the Mend

Kirra has been feeling much better today. We took the first half of the day easy with just Pedialite which she kept down just fine, and then for lunch she had a half a piece of toast which she did well with, and then tonight she ate ham, green beans, and a pasta side dish. She ate a good amount of it, and kept it all down!

Kirra and I, and our friends Alisa and Aiden went garage sailing today. I kept Kirra in the stroller so she wouldn’t get anyone else ill, and I found a few books! Aiden got some toys, and a Mr. Potato head. This one guy was selling Build your own Mr. Potato Head for $0.50. He probably had 20-30 bodies…. apparently his daughter used to collect them…. I found it a bit humorous.

Tonight my parents came over and my mom told us all about her trip to Paris. I got to see lots of pictures, books, and the souvenirs that she got me including a very pretty rosary. Jason and Kirra got T-Shirts.

Now Jason has a cold , so hopefully he’ll be on the mend soon! Tomorrow I am going to church and then meeting up with my good pal Colleen. If it’s nice out we’re going to go hiking, otherwise we’re going to have lunch somewhere in Maple Grove. Later on I am planning to go to a bike race at the velodrome for work.


Sick K

Well, on our way to daycare today, K was super happy, and all the sudden she starts crying in pain, or something, and I looked in my rearview mirror, and blah, out came last nights dinner. So I pulled off the road, got her pseudo cleaned up, and back home we went. She went on to throw up 4 more times today, and is having troubles with her backside too 😦

I just feel so sad for her, because she doesn’t really know what’s going on, and she can’t keep any food down, so we’ve been on a pedialite diet for the rest of the day. Went to the doctor because 2 other kids at K’s daycare were hospitalized last weekend for the same thing/dehydration. So we’re just trying to keep K hydrated and out of the ER for now.

Hopefully she can keep down pedialite tomorrow! Please say some prayers for her that my little bunny feels better soon.



Mr. ish

Well since Kirra was so enthralled with the fish while we were camping, I bought her a fantail Goldfish for her bedroom. Now every morning when she wakes up the first thing she says when I get her out of her crib is ‘ish” and she points to Mr. ‘ish’. And when she goes to bed she says buh bye ish.

Too precious. Here is Mr. ish.

Camping Fun

Camping was so much fun! We got headed up north on Friday about 4pm. We took 65 up to 200 and cut over by the federal dam on Leech Lake. Kirra slept the entire way from home to Bena. Once we got there to our site, there was still a bit of sunlight, and everyone helped us unload the truck. Bless Theo’s soul she had already set up our tent!
Friday we got everything settled, and Jason had to go down to Reemer to pick up Jay, Barb and the kids, because Jay’s truck broke down. He finally got back to camp around 10pm or so. That’s when Kirra went back to bed!

The next morning we woke up about 8am, had breakfast, and I took the Kayak out for a spin. I even paddled out to a bever dam on the south side of the lake. Being in the ocean kayak with a flat bottom, I was able to go around the entire thing. It was really neat to see. My aunt and uncle came for a visit too, and they even gave us a bass they caught! Theo, Pam, Kirra and I all went for a hike, and found a water reserve some where north west of our camp. Came back with several ticks, but not as many as 2008. Saturday night was extremely cold, we almost brought Kirra into bed with us, so she’d stay warm, but she was in her sleeping bag, and under about 4 other blankets, so she was nice and toasty. I had also put winter tights on her, so that she couldn’t accidently peal off her sox in the middle of the night.
Sunday the kids tipped over in the canoe (look above for the video) and I went fishing with Jason. Didn’t catch squat. Later on I took out the Kayak again, and went fishing from it, when I had paddled over to Jason’s boat. A little sunny pulled me into the reeds when I caught him! Then I paddled the entire shoreline back to camp. Where we camp is a primative sight, and we basically have the entire lake to ourselves. It’s so great! Kirra loved the fish that everyone caught. She kept saying ‘ish’ ‘ish’ ‘ish’.
Monday morning we packed up and left camp about 9:45, and this time we took hwy 2 all the way thru Grand Rapids, and to Hwy 65. We didn’t hit hardly any traffic. It was great!

Well until next time…

Two days before camping

Time to relax now. I’ve been on the go-go-go for about 4 or 5 weeks straight now, and it’s finally time to relax! It will be the first weekend in a long time I have devoted to myself! I’ve joined a small group at church that I am checking out for the first time tomorrow, so hopefully it’s fun. Its always interesting to meet new people, and learn new views on things. I’m kind of excited. I may bring Kirra with me, the gal there lets the kido’s come along too.

Friday I will be working from home in the morning, and packing in the afternoon getting ready for the big annual pilgramige to Lydick. Mike already got the lower campsite right on the water, and I really hope it’s not windy again like it was last year. We could barely even have a bonfire it was so darn windy! I’ll be bringing the Kayak with me, and I am super excited for that! I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures. I will not be doing adventure hiking this time around. Last year I walked out of those woods with about 40 ticks on me at one time. It was so creepy, and so disgusting. It was weeks before I stopped checking myself. (shudder…) [note… i feel them on me right now!]

Jason and I are packing easy food and have packed paper plates and disposable silverware etc. Doing the dishes sucks. I’m going to make a big batch of cold Tuna salad tomorrow or Friday which I can munch on, and I absolutely love it! Absolutely my favorite!!!

Kirra has been good, and so goofy lately. She has just been fun, and full of energy. Her personality is really coming out. I’m so lucky to be her mom, I love her more than words can even express. Everything she does I just want to swoop her up and hug her forever. We got her a swimming pool filled with plastic balls that she can play with in the front yard. She loves it. I will post a picture(s) tomorrow evening. Speaking of pools, I still need to clean ours out. Oh the joys of owning a pool!

Well it’s 11:30 (almost) and I still have some Twilight 4 reading to do before Theo kills me! LOL. I know she is kidding… right?

18 Months…. Happy Birthday

Honestly…. 18 months alerady? Really? Where does the time actually go? Kirra and I drove to the pediatricians office this morning, and she weighed in at 22 pounds, and 1.5 ounces. She is 30 inches tall, so she’s just a little peanut! Just like mama.
I got Kirra new sneaks yesterday that actually fit her! I’ve gotten her several pairs of shoes at Garage Sales that do not actually fit her, and sandals that keep falling off when she plays. The new ones have a big toe box for her chubbly little footsies.
Yesterday I almost died laughing…. we were driving home, and in the rearview mirror I was looking at Kirra going Ho Ho Ho…(laugh), and she just kept imitating me, it was so funny.

After work we drove over to Elk River and had a super great time with Pam & Phil. They gave us a dozen fresh eggs, we herded the turkeys and chickens, and Kirra got to help feed the goldfish in the pond. We even got to take home some fresh herbs and rhubarb! Kirra and Phil had a wonderful time out on the porch looking at the rain while Pam exchanged recipes with me. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such love!

Water Mane….

Well some water pipe busted in our floor/ceiling of the basement, so the downstairs bathroom and part of the ‘den’ is under water. Jason is out buying a shop vac, and then we’ll have to fix the pipe. Thankfully we haven’t carpeted down there yet. I think that is next Fall project? I’ve been cleaning out the pool today we had about a foot or so of leaves glued to the bottom, and nasty brown water. Looks like you just want to jump right in and have a swim! NOT!

Sandbox K

A week or so ago my co-worker gave me her kids old sandbox with white beach sand for K to play with. At first she wasn’t too sure she liked it, but she’s been warming up to it. K’s been good. She still has her cough but is a lot better than before! She will be 18 months old in just 10 days. I can’t even begin to believe how fast time is going.
Last weekend was the big Get in Gear 10K, and I did really well. I even surprised myself a little bit. I didn’t feel well at all last weekend, but I took lots of Motrin, sudafed and antihistamine and made it thru. I’m thinking the 10K might just be my favorite distance of all time.
I had to go back to the doctor early last week, because I still can’t hear well. Hopefully that will get better with time, drugs or something! I’m already on my 2nd batch of antibiotic, and I think it might be working a little bit…. If not, my PA gave me a consult to ENT and I have an appointment in a week or so.
It’s event mode now with my full time and part time job, so I’m definitely keeping busy. I’m so fortunate to work in an industry that I love. Next weekend is fishing opener/Moms Club over, Moms day 5K that I will run with K, and Blaine garage sales , so its going to be a very busy week coming up!

I love you baby K.