Weekend Re-Cap

Friday was such a fun mommy and daughter day!

Friday during work I drove around the RWB! Course with our intern and put up road closed signs. So much better doing this task with two people vs. just one. Last year it took me about 7 hours, and this year it only took about 3.5.

After work I went and picked up Kirra at my parents, and brought her out to the Mall of America! We went to Sea Life… which is the new “Underwater Adventures”…and boy has it improved!!!



After Sea Life we went into the American Girls Doll store, and was that an adventure! Kirra had a blast playing no hold barrel with all of the fun babies and accessories! I ended up getting her the front pack carrier, but I’m sure I’ll be going back for the diaper bag soon!!! 🙂


After AG store,we went on a ride. The Wonder Pets ride. It was so nice and NOT crowded at all at the mall. Definitely the way/time to go.

Finally it was time for a little dinner. We had Panda Express, because its just like what Kai Lan eats… We both got a pop,and even got a fortune cookie (well this is no shocker). I read my fortune to Kirra and it said…”Buy someone you love a special present”….so that was cute since I had just bought her the carrier… so Kirra opens her fortune cookie and says…”mama…this is what it says…..”Thank you for the yummy food and the baby present”….

Aww. What a sweet girl!

Once we got home Kirra refused to play with the front pack carrier stating that she didn’t like it…. and even on Saturday morning she told me again that she didn’t like it…. so regrettably (on my end… because maybe I liked it more than she did… it will be going back to MOA!)

Saturday we woke up early for MOTR. I wasn’t looking forward to going, but one I got out there it felt great as usual! I’m still in the early stages of training, so some of my MOTR runs can count towards training, but I think I’m going to need to bring my running stuff with me to work so I can run over the lunch hour.

After MOTR we went home and cleaned ship. Well… I cleaned ship, while Kirra got out the 50 Cal machine gun and went to work on her room!!! I suppose it’s my fault really… I didn’t specifically tell her not to trash her room!

Then it was time to get daddy from work,and head over to Wisconsin for Jason’s brother’s open house. It was a great evening with great company. After watching a terrifying show on the History channel I’ve been terrified of the Stillwater Lift Bridge going over into Wisconsin… and driving over there I pushed the speed limit to get across…. well on our way back we got stopped ON the bridge for about 20 minutes while boats went through. I thought I was going to have an aneurism, but I did survive.

Today was a nice day. We went to church in the morning, and then I did some pregnancy photos for one of my friends, and returned the carrier to the MOA for the diaper bag  (pictured above). She was thrilled with it, and hasn’t stopped playing with it… well… except to wash the dishes tonight!!!

(Yes she is wearing a swimming suit specifically for washing dishes!)




Kirra is now a Pike for swimming, and she is very very excited about it! In fact, she will tell anyone who will listen (a skill she learned from me I think…) Lessons went good today. They “dove” right in (no pun intended) and did a quick review of everything they learned. She even learned how to do the backstroke!

Yeah… this video is totally crooked,because I don’t know how to operate this thing yet!!! I’ll get better! Notice the kid who couldn’t be patient,and swam by himself up to the instructor!
Well… take a look at that! Lindsey learns how to properly film using her phone camera!

Family Update

No-No-No… I knew with a post title like this you’d automatically think we’re updating our family as in (more kids)…. but I realized after going through my blog that i haven’t really posted a writing post in quite a while! So I thought it was about time to update y’all on the family!

Still putting in long hours at work,enjoying fishing and golfing whenever possible. Stopped doing tattoos this past winter. He is officially on an undeclared amount of time sabbatical from it.

Gosh…did I ever tell you how much that girl changes? (and I’m not just referring to clothing changes…which by the way she does an awful lot of) but she changes so much from week to week, getting smarter and smarter! She can give you directions if you ask her how to get to Cub, or home, or a certain place we travel too a lot…and just some of her phrases are so adult like….We start swimming lessons again on Thursday. Kirra is past excited about it. She tells everyone that she can! I’ll post some pictures, and do a blog post on that after her first lesson. We are in the Y’s program, and this session she will be a Pike! Pikes learn basic paddle stroke, kicking skills and floating with instructor support.

Me: I’ve been a runnin’ fool lately! I’m still helping to coach a beginners running class with Moms on The Run. I’m really enjoying that, and I’m amazed at how much its really contributing to my overall running! I’m consistently running a sub 9 minute mile which I am pleased as punch about. I’d been stuck running a 12 minute mile FOREVER….which is fine if that’s what you want to do… but I wanted to be faster… I knew I could be….so….my declared races are two trail runs….a half marathon and a 10K…..and Women Run the Cities 10 Mile. There is one more race too….but I will see how training goes,before i go officially public with that race!


I know it’s not Tuesday’s Tunes today….but I thought I’d share this song anyways. I love this song!  I think its really beautiful, and reminds us to be loving to all people…we’ve only got once chance to make a difference, and to be good humans towards each other! We’ve got to do better than what our current standard is…..


My fall race preview #1

I’ve been pretty consistent runner over the past several months, but this week I started my training for my fall races! I strategically planned all I have on the books and am very excited about them… Last year I ran a half marathon and it went fabulous. I PR’d after-all, but I wanted to get back the animalistic running I love so much…trail running!

Here is a video preview of the race I’m most excited about this year!

Tuesday’s Tunes!

So….we have this CD full of children’s music, and Kirra and I listen to it on our way to Tally’s in the morning and on our way home….well this song is one of Kirra’s favorites. Today… I literally listened to this song about 9 times!

Christmas in June!

Photo Story Monday

One of my blogging friends does a “segment” called photo story ______. So for lack of a better blog post I thought I’d share my photo story!
Tonight… Kirra wanted to help me with the dishes after dinner. So I brought over a large stool. Popped an apron on her, and let her do her magic!
Surprisingly she did a really very great job! We only had to check two dishes and re-do them!
I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that she does a better job washing dishes than I do!

Let it Rain….

Five years ago today we lost an amazing guy
Cancer took you up and snatched you like lightening in the sky
Too fast, too soon, we barely said goodbye
Too soon, too fast, too final.

Cancer is an ugly word in my vocabulary
The devil himself rearing his ugly face
taking those I love, its quite extraordinary
too soon, too fast, too final.

Although I’m not a researcher
nor do I have a million bucks
I’ll walk 10 + miles every year
and hope we’ll get some luck

A cure, a cope, hoping for the future
so nobody else i know has to go through this endeavor

A robber in the night , the diagnosis is a shock
I clench my fist so tight,i want to throw back at it a diamond rock

Too Soon,too fast,too final.

Uncle Terry
I miss you!

You are so very missed ~
Some day a cure, a cope,some hope will be revealed
I promised you I would walk until I died for cancer research!

I heard this song on my pandora today and thought I’d share. Its so very tender.

Tuesday’s Tunes!

Just a few weeks ago we took Kirra out in the boat to go fishin’ over Memorial Day Weekend. Sure enough with her pink pole too, and did everything but sat still. I heard this song on the radio and just fell in love with it. She is getting so big – so fast, and we’re all about “making memories” now.


Weekend Re-Cap

What a really perfect sort of weekend we had here! Friday was great. I had a half day at work (which I’ll have through Labor Day). Temperatures on Friday were downright tropical. Temps almost 90 with a dew point in the 70s…definitely felt like Guam.  With only a wall unit in our kitchen that we only run for limited times….I decided I best clean up/organize the downstairs spare bedroom in case we needed to sleep downstairs (since its usually 20 degrees cooler down there)…. I then decided to pull weeds for a whole 40 minutes before I decided TV in the basement was a much better option. We also bought a new “kid” pool for the yard that blows up. Its about the size of a four man hot tub. Big enough for Kirra to play/swim in, and big enough for Jason and I to sit in without looking 100% ridiculous.

Saturday morning Kirra and I woke up for Mom’s on the Run. The temps had cooled down overnight enough for us to sleep upstairs, and cooled down so much I wore Capri’s and a long sleeve technical shirt in the morning for my run. DUMB…. o’well. I sure was sweating! After MOTR Sue and Pam met up at my house for our monthly trip to the Farmers Market in Minneapolis. I got Celery, Basil, Rosemary, and Jalapeno, green, red and yellow peppers.

Then I was off to take my good friends engagement photos. We went all over St. Paul to places I’d never been like Mound Park, Swede Hollow, Mears Park and then of course to the Landmark, and the Library.  I had a lot of fun shooting them (ha couldn’t resist the play on words) and the pictures turned out nice to boot! I was very happy with the results and it sounds like they are too! We then caught dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Bario. I highly recommend it. Very tasty!

Got home, edited photos and then proceeded to sleep like a baby!

Today we woke up around 9 a.m. and Jason and Kirra were off for wood chips and I went to Ally, Gabby and Maggie’s dance recital. It was really great. You could really tell who was on the competition lines and who wasn’t. My niece Ally is in 1st grade and she danced better than some 10-12th graders!!! It  was all fun though.

Once I got home the front yard had definitely transformed. Weeds annihilated, weed tarp laid, and wood chips placed. Garden tilled. I really do have the best husband ever! I got everything for my garden planted and can’t wait to start reaping the benefits. I do need to plant some lettuce from seed, or buy a plant,but that’s about it and i’m “ready-set-go”. My Chamomile and Thyme came back and our mint in the front yard really took off. Time for some mojitos!