Food Wars

We have entered into a new and exciting stage of the toddler years…. Food wars. Its not that Kirra is a picky eater at all…. its just that she is two, and needs to control something, because she has no control in the world otherwise. What we do,where we go, what she wears (except the time [below] that she dressed herself). And i learned you can’t make kids eat. If they don’t want to eat, they’re not going to.

Tonight we made Pizza, and everyone that knows Kirra knows that Pizza is her FAVORITE, but she didn’t want even a bite. I posted a “ready-set-advice” statement on Facebook so that I could gather up some amunition in this war, and my friends came thru for me.

Usually when Kirra doesn’t want to eat she wants to get down right away…. and then she wants to sit on my lap even though I’m still eating…. i tell her no, and then she proceeds to throwing a HUGE old temper tantrum. She’ll even throw herself on the floor if you let her. We usually end up throwing her food away, and it never occured to me to just put her plate in the refridgerator and see if she wants some later…. DUH. Normally I’ll ask her later if she wants something to eat, and give her a healthy snack, or make her a sammie. How genious is this? (Thanks Nicole).

So… i’m going to try this the next time she wants to play war at the dinner table.

On a bright note, she had fun at AWANA tonight, and learned about happy and sad, and that God loves us when we’re happy or sad. So I said to her, you were sad at dinner tonight, but God loves you anyway. She was happy for the rest of the night. 🙂

Children’s Museum

Kirra and I met up with our friends Izze & Nicole (and Ariana & Michelle were with too). It was a free day so it was PACKED!!!! Not totally sure if I’ll go on a free day after this! I definitely would like to try something different though like… the zoo, or something like that. Kirra really did like playing in the water stations though. Here are some cute photos I captured of her today.
I think perhaps I’ll take a bubble bath at the kids museum

Yeah! This is really a good look for me!

Buddies – Gal Pals – Girl Power
Peak-a-boo…. with myself

Mom had to show a picture to
everyone how I dress myself.
“I’m bringing sexy back”

K and Pete

K and daddy are changing Pete’s water. K thought
she would “pet” Pete…

HA-HA-HA Daddy, Pete is slippery!

Again! And this time she really got a hold of him.

K & Daddy feed Pete before bed.

Pete is safe & sound

3.5 Miles

Back to runing again, and I feel like I ran a 10K when I only did 3.5 miles. My body felt punished after a 1.5 week break of NO running at all. Gosh I’ve been so naughty. I need to keep up with it now, otherwise my race will be sheer torture! There are only 11 weeks left until my race date, and I know that its going to come far too soon for me. The route I took was really nice. It was thru a nice quiet neighborhood that didn’t have a lot of traffic, which was GREAT! The snow cover was vast though which proved a little tricky for stepping. There were some spots that were melted that I could get good traction, but I had to give back the yak tracks so it was a little like running thru a white sandy beach. It was kind of warm though. Tomorrow i’m going to have a recovery run of just 1 mile. To keep up with the actual running motion, but also take it easy with an EASY mile. I’m enjoying my day off very much! I haven’t done a whole lot except spend time with Jason and Kirra, go on a run,take a long bath, and vege out. We rented a few movies yesterday for Valentines day, and have two down, one to go. We rent them from RedBox, so we need to get them back by 9pm tonight.