Three Thought Thursday

1.) Man its hot! – I know I should be squarely punched in the face right now for even saying such a thing, but man – we went from 40 degrees to 98 degrees on Monday, 70s yesterday, which was perfect by the way, and then mid 80s today! We didn’t get any acclimation period. We just went from winter to summer, BAM! I’m not totally complaining though, I am loving sundresses every day because it feels like pajamas!

2.) Gas prices suck! – I finally HAD to get gas today, and paid up the nose for it! $4.29 per gallon to be exact. This is gas prices gone wild! Its utterly ridiculous. “They” are blaming it on two or three refineries in Chicago closing indefinitely, and have basically told us, get used to it suckers, cos it aint goin’ down! Perhaps I need to dust off my bike helmet, and hook up the burley, cos I just paid nearly $70 to fill up my gas tank which will last me all of a week!

3.) Chardonnay – I probably haven’t mentioned on this blog how much I LOVE red wine, but since its ‘too hot’ as of late to be sipping room temperature liquids, I’ve moved on to Chardonnay. I think it sounds classy, and tells me I’m sophisticated! (nevermind that i’m drinking it out of a box in my fridge, but hey its Bota Box at least!). On this note, my friend Annie and I are re-instating “Wine on the Deck Thursday’s” since its “hot out”. She is one of my best gal pals since middle school/high school!

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