The Burnt Offering

Genesis 22
I can’t imagine as a mother – the scene of God asking me to sacrifice my daughter, by striking her with a knife, and then burning her. But Abraham did as he was told. Perhaps internally he struggled with this – but its not recorded here in the book of Genesis – he simply obeyed without question.

This is fascinating. Did he tell Sarah? I had to give pause in this part of Gods story. What did she say if he did tell her, and what would she say when he returned without her? In todays society if a parent stated, oh, I offered our child up for a burnt offering to God we would be arrested, and scorned for life! What was life like in the time of Abraham?

I had to stop and ask myself… In what ways can I obey readily? Perhaps and hopefully God never asks me to sacrifice my daughter as a sign of my faith, and fear in him, and through Jesus’ sacrifice I don’t believe he ever will…  but in what other ways does he lead me to sacrifice? I hope over the next weeks I can be in tune with his gentle whispers on how I can more readily sacrifice for Him.

Chasing Christ!

Walking the line

Job 29
As I’m reading through Job I’m noting that he’s getting borderline prideful defending himself. I have the NLT Life Application Bible, and similarly in the footnotes it states, “Job was walking a fine line between bragging about past accomplishments an recalling good deeds in order to answer the charges against him…”

I wonder how often I do the same thing… Sobering fact! I think I’m very borderline prideful at times. I always feel I have to share my [similar] story – instead of letting others bask in the lime light for a bit. Sometimes I “brag” on Facebook or Twitter too much over certain things. I must be mindful of what comes out of my mouth.

Ecclesiastes 10:14 (MSG)

Fools talk way too much, Chattering stuff they know nothing about.
Until next time….
Chasing Christ!

Suffer Well

As I’m reading through the beginning of Job I’m thinking – man, here is a guy who had it all! Loads of money, a great family a great career, and a man of God. And then – just like that, its all been taken away. Undoubtedly he was greif stricken, but he did not loose faith in God.

Later on after a series of more unfortunate events take place his friends turn their backs on Job telling him that he brought it on upon himself. This made me so sad. I imagined if I were ever in a place of misery, and through a series of events that truly were no fault of my own, I couldn’t imagine the thought of my friends, and others turning their back on me thinking I caused my own trouble.

I love though that through it all Job stays true to God! Job shows us how during a time of epic misery and devastation how people WANT to be treated.  No “pat” answers, don’t turn your back, and don’t act all high and mighty. Just be a friend, and listen!

I’ve been listening to the Bible in my car via the YouVersion App for my android phone, and then once I get home I look through the application in my bible.   Some translations – such as the NLT [in the App] offers audio – so now I absolutely have no excuse to say “I don’t have time”. Even after just a week I treasure my time (which is right after work before I pick up my daughter).

Until next time….

Chasing Christ!

The Creation

Genesis 1
I won’t dialog on every single chapter, but I do hope to write a bit on each book I do go through – so that I can look back and see at least 66 entries for the 66 books of the bible.  I’m reading through this, and I am simply amazed and awestruck! When I can – I’m trying to read Crazy Love, and in the book the author Francis Chan has us go to the website to view this video which as you can see for yourself brings true the Awe Factor Of God. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  We read that, but do we as humans really understand what that means? I know I re-read Genesis chapter 1 a few times, and I went back and watched the Awe Factor Of God a few times to really pull together the creation of the whole world. 

Enjoy this video!

Thank you Lord for creating this beautiful, majestic and mysterious world, and universe. There are no words in the human language I can think of to explain it. To know that God cares about each and every one of us individually is MIND BENDING! I’m so excited to get to know God over this next year in a new and deeper way and understand how much he loves me in the midst of His creation. I’m severely humbled by that video above.  I hope and really believe this [reading through the bible] will take my relationship with Christ to a whole new level, and help me be in a deeper understanding of who God is, and how much he loves us!

Happy Reading!

The Chase

This evening I began a journey. One I’m not sure of… the outcome, what I will discover, and who I will become because of it. I’ve always been interested in reading through the entire bible, but never allowed myself the time.

A co-workers daughter who I think is 8 years old is currently reading through the ENTIRE bible (and not a kids version either) – so really I thought I can do this… There are  myriad bible reading plans – and I decided I’m going to follow a chronological one.

So – instead of the bible taking you straight through – cover to cover, this actually takes you on the journey of how the bible evolutionalized, or brings you through in the order they actually happend! (Surprise – the bible is NOT in order – cover to cover of the way it actually went down!).

Over the years I’ve noticed I’m in between that hot, and lukewarm temperature for Christ. The temperature he warns us about in Revelation 3:16. God wants us to be HOT for him, and to not simply let scripture fall into our laps, but to chase after it. Persue it with all our mights.

So – that is what I’ll be doing…. Reading and Blogging my way through the bible.

This should take me about a year – give or take if I miss a day or so – but here’s to the chase!

Back in School

Well I’m back in school again! I am spending my next [six now] Saturday’s up in Cambridge learning how to be a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide. As I’m learning I am very intrigued by the Home Health Aide – so as of now I think I will look into that as my stepping stone after the marathon! I’ve heard they can make decent pay. The home health aide Home health and personal care aides help people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, including children. They also help older adults who may need assistance. They help with activities such as bathing and dressing, and they provide services such as light housekeeping.(Doing the dishes) Check the client’s vital signs under the direction of a nurse or other healthcare practitioner. I would be working solo at someone’s house – so its an interesting prospect that usually jives with a typical “9 to 5” schedule. The other avenue I’d like to seek into is working at a hospital as a Nursing Assistant. I’d have to find a day shift which is VERY HARD to come by, and usually they want experience! So without taking a drastic pay cut (aka working in a nursing home) – I think the HHA sounds like a viable option. I will keep you all up to date on what’s happening with that. Plans for the week: Tuesday K has gymnastics! She just mastered her Monkey Flip last week! (basically a somersault on the rings) Thursday watch A, G & M’s dance recital! Friday I’m running in a 5K directly before the Manitou Days parade – then I will watch the parade! Saturday I have class all day, and then I believe we are going to the Drive In movie theatre! Sunday The Fathers Day Croquet Invitational at my parents! (BBQ too!)

Restaurant Review – Acqua

Date night! Last night my husband and I were planning to watch a movie and grab a quick bite to eat before hand… but not at a chain restaurant… and not fast food. So I’m driving down the freeway and I say – hey. How about Acqua in White Bear Lake? We’d both been very curious to try it out, so we decided to abandon the movie and enjoy our night on the lake.

Acqua is nuzzled right on Lake Avenue South, which is on White Bear Lake. We were seated on the deck which had beautiful views of the lake, romancers walking by on the boardwalk (really its just the sidewalk/path), and street cars. We joked that Lake Ave South was the “strip” of White Bear Lake, because of all of the old streetcar traffic.

Right there on the lake gives you the impression of Madeline Island (our favorite place on earth), and we joked… are we in poor mans Madeline Island? Or is Madeline Island poor mans White Bear Lake? We determined they are similar in charm. (Though I love Mad Isle so much more).
When we arrived they asked if we had reservations, and we said no, and they furiously looked through their seating charts, and apologized profusely that there may be a 15 minute wait. (15 minutes? no problem!) I enjoyed a little Sauvignon Blanc while we waited. 
After a very short wait (probably just five minutes) we were ushered out to the deck, which had a great view of the lake.
We decided on the tasting menu, which offered a salad, main course and desert for one convenient price!
3 Course Tasting Menu
(Choice of)
 with Shrimp and Garlic Baked Croutons
 with Fried Lemon-Honey Goat Cheese
 with Apple-Pear Compote, Prosciutto and Aged Balsamic
  with Fontina Crostini
 with Cucumber, Egg, Kalamata, Feta, Tomato Vinaigrette
(Choice of)
 with Harissa Grilled Shrimp, Parmesan and Basil
 with Lemon-White Wine Butter
 with Port Demi-Glace and Sweet Potato Puree
 with Fontina, Basil Pesto Risotto and Chicken Pan Sauce
(Choice of)

Jason got a Cesar Salad (the shrimp was so good!), and I got the Spinach  My salad was amazing! It was kind of like a desert and appetizer all in one with the compote in there!  Jason liked his salad as well, but wasn’t too sure about their cesar dressing.
Main course:
Jason got the Walleye and me, the Roast Chicken. Both of these were quite good! His Walleye was right from Rain Lake I believe (not sure where that is…) but the server assured us its very good, and never more than a day old! He gave his meal a B+, and I gave mine a B. (Should have got the Bolognese like the server suggested! – next time, though my chicken was very moist & delicious)
Jason – The Butterscotch Budino, and me- the Creme Brulee. Oh so good! We ordered coffee – mine with Baileys since Jason was driving, and enjoyed each others company on the deck.
We would definitely come back. The ambiance for sure got an A+, and we feel that’s part of what you pay for. The food was very good, but not breathtaking (like Wild Rice in Bayfield… but nobody can compare with Wild Rice)! I would definitely get either the Walleye, or the Bolognese next time, and keep everything else the same.
Bon Appetite!