The 10K – minus 6.2 Miles

Woke up this morning… Got on my shorts- shoes – shirts and found my arm warmers since it was a bit chilly this AM. Thought I was going to be late for race morning sign up, so when I got there at 7:30 a.m. for an 8am race, and I was the ONLY one in the parking lot I knew something was up… I got my smart phone and typed in the race name and to my strong disappointment the race said AUGUST 20th, 2011….yesterday! Dumb online race calendar had it down for August 21, 2011. Last time I TRUST that source again. I will ALWAYS check out the race website when possible. I thought – well I could just run around from here, but i was so sad, I could run in Minneapolis, but again no motivation… I drove home and slept for 6 hours. So… I slept a 10K. On the bright side I received a letter in the mail from the dermatologist which I determined just by reading the envelope meant good news, because bad news is generally delivered by telephone or in person,not in the mail. No. My report card which I found in the envelope had a little check mark by the words BENIGN. Beautiful, beautiful words! Phew. I should really up the ante on sunscreen anyways, but now I can be rest assured I don’t have melanoma!


Today was annual chicken beheading day. Jason was here this year which in my opinion made the whole venture just fly by. We got over to Pam & Phils about 11:30 a.m. and started about noon. 30 chickens in 3 hours! According to them we got done in a FLASH! Kirra actually helped hold chickens upside down, and helped bleed them out! Whether she was actually enjoying helping out or not – she was still willing to get her hands and legs dirty! The most disturbing part however was when she picked up a decapitated chicken head and was walking around the yard with it asking if we wanted to pet it.Um. No thanks kiddo! she was so great though. I was really impressed with her! Expose ’em young right? Our family ended up with 10 Chicks. We got home around 11pm, and headed right to bed!

A little splish ‘n’ splash

What an absolutely PERFECT day this turned out to be? I slept in after drinking a few too many wines and White Russians last night. My good friend Annie from High School stopped by for a little bonfire and to catch up. We were up until around 11:30 and she had to get going because she had to work today… I did not. After she left I stayed outside by the fire and watched Modern Family on the laptop. So. on to today- Kirra was asked by ME to clean up her TOTAL disaster of a bedroom. When she didn’t comply, 95% of her toys came out of her bedroom and are now down in the playroom. Her rooms looks 200% better! We were then off for Bunker Beach water-park, which Kirra likes to pronounce BONKER Beach. Man what a difference a year makes! Last year she was scared to go down any of the watersides, and this year she wasn’t scared of anything, including the wave pool! I could have stayed there all night, but I had to get going to my sisters for cards! (which was fun too)

Micah 6:8

Tonight with MOTR and my small group we packed meals for Feed My Starving Children. We helped package enough food for 17,000 meals! We learned that over in the Horn of Africa where widespread famine is happening as I type 18,000 children are dying every single day because they do not have enough food to eat! Its not a resource problem,its a distribution problem! That’s like filling up the Excel Energy Center every single day with children and then wiping it out, only to fill it up again the next day! It honestly breaks my heart. It is my hope that I can go to FMSC at least 1x per month to help package food. Its so easy and they have sign ups all the time! FMSC has an unprecedented success rate of their food getting to where it needs to go which is completely amazing! If you have never volunteered with them what are you waiting for?

Halos aren’t always angelic….

What a wild week! Tuesday night I ended up running 6.5 miles! Wednesday I ran with Moms on the Run, and everyone did absolutely AMAZING! Today was a bit more eventful…. Since about May i’ve noticed a quarter size irregular shaped white patch on my back. Right on my cross tattoo in fact. So I decided I better go get it checked out – in addition to getting a full body scan from my dermatologist. She noticed there was a mole in the center of the white spot which she called a Halo Mole. She thought the mole itself didn’t look suspect, but wanted to biopsy it anyways. I think i’m certain that it happened when I severely sunburned myself in the tanning bed last April! Which can cause moles to become abnormal. I also told her about some painful keloid scaring in my ears from having my ears pierced all the way up several years ago, so she injected some steroids into my ear lobes! I will hear about my biopsy in 10 days to 2 weeks. Lets all hope/pray that its just the sunburn thing making my body develop a halo around the mole! Tonight I went on ANOTHER run with Moms run this town girls and it was AMAZING!!!! We went about 3 miles. So glad tomorrow is a rest day! So glad! I’m off to melt into my bed now and watch Jersey Shore!

Tripple Tangent Tuesdays

Three recent happenings at the Little House in the Suburbs 1.) Started a North Metro running club chapter with Moms Run This Town I’m still coaching Moms on the Run for the next 2 weeks also. 2.) Recently ran 10 Miles at Relay for Life with my cousin Sara (and 6.5 today) 3.) This morning while getting ready for work (I was wearing a white skirt, and a white shirt) Kirra exclaimed, “Mommy! You look like an Angel!” It melted my heart completely!

Weekend Re-Cap

Well – this past weekend was AMAZING! Not much going on – but still great. Friday I was off work at noon and brought my Rouge in for an oil change and a complete detail. They basically cleaned the car to brand new condition! My mom picked me up for lunch, and we went to Bambu in Maplewood. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious! I got the Thai Fried Rice, and my mom got Lo Mein. They serve Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes. After that I headed to Rick & Nicole’s place to get Kirra (since Rick picked her up from daycare). Kirra was SO funny. She asked Uncle Rick what he did for a living, and he said I’m a plumber… so Kirra said, “What’s that”. Rick replied, “well… like your daddy fixes cement…I fix toilets”. Kirra got a look on her face of deep understanding,and exclaimed “Oh! You fix Potties”…. “Yes” Rick replied… “I fix potties”. Kirra and I ate Nicole’s homemade Santa Fe Chicken Pizza which was also very delicious, and then the girl and I were off to get back home. She went to bed fairly early, and I sat out on my patio and read, watched some TV and went to bed pretty early myself. Saturday we woke up early for Moms On The Run, and then we hung out until Jason got home. Jason was exhausted from driving 5 hours, so he took a nap, and Kirra and I headed out to Lino Lakes EBC for church. Once I got home we made Margharita Pizza, and then watched a movie, and were all in bed pretty early since I had to wake up early for work on Sunday. Sunday I was up by 4:30 and off to the race! It was the Twins Territory TC 4K, an awesome race from basically the Metrodome to the new Target Field. I was home by 9:30 and then took a nap from 10am until 4pm! It was so awesome! Thank you Jason!!!! Once I woke up we had hamburgers on the grill… watched Hell’s Kitchen, and then went to bed by 10pm.