Happy Mother’s Day

I had such a Happy Mother’s Day!

K woke me up with kisses, and peered at me bright eyed and bushy tailed exclaiming, “Happy Mothers Day” in her sing-song-silly voice! Gosh I just love that girl! I can’t ever get enough of her. Since it was Mothers Day, she thought it best to awaken me at 7:30 a.m. So I finally moseyed out of bed around 8:00 a.m. and we had a delightful breakfast of Lucky Charms (aka mom doesn’t have to do much breakfast). Then we went off to our new church at 9:30 service.

We then ran a few errands to Caribou Coffee & Cub foods, and then headed to “The Lakes” to go running 2.3 miles! I pushed K in the jogger, which is a challenge now that she weighs 40lbs, but I took it as an added workout, and figured that the equivalent time, “mom graded time” which is much like “age graded time” would be more like 4 miles!

We then came home to enjoy some relaxation time before heading out to dinner with the extended family. (My parents, brother & his family, and sister & her family). We enjoyed things like burgers & tacos and shared family stories. After dinner K and I headed to my sisters house to play with her cousins.

Finally, we were back home again. I put little miss to bed, and then watched some Nashville on Hulu, and headed to bed myself.

Happy Mothers Day!

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