K: “Mom – you need to get a new car”

Me: “Oh really – why’s that?”
K: “Because I need a tire wheel!”
Me: “haha um what? – What for?”
K: “Well – Uncle Rick has a tire swing in his back yard… and I want one – so I need one of your wheels so dad can build me a tire wheel swing….”
Me: “Bahahahahahaha you are so ridiculous sometimes!”
K: “I know – I’m soooo funny I don’t know what to do with myself either!”
** I love this girl
~ Also – did you know how much daycare centers are?
Now that we’re moving into the fabulous world of school – and since we did not get into the all day kindergarten we need after school care – because I’m pretty sure I can’t work from just 8:30-11:00 am at work every day!
We checked out one place that will charge $35 dollars to watch K from 11am-6pm (or whenever I pick her up), and if school is not in session and she needs to be watched for an entire day – then tuition goes up to $68 dollars a day. (yes – you read that right!)
Hellloooo – that is like paying a car payment every week! I thought that daycare was supposed to go down – not up as she got older!
I need to find other options, or I’m going to have to sell my 1996 CDs at the pawn shop to pay for her childcare.
p.s. Anyone who comments first with the amount of exclamation points i’ve used in this blog post gets extra credit. I’m using the exclamation point like teenagers use the word “like” (sorry).

God is so amazing!

God is so amazing! He answered the #1 prayer I’ve had!

About 5 years ago a new Charter School opened up near my house (about 1 mile away) and they had an open house/information session – so I went to it… when K was 9 months old! Now i know this sounds kind of crazy, but I was really interested in knowing what it was all about. It sounded super exciting. 
I was the only one who attended that still had a baby – because everyone else that went to that information setting was normal and they had school aged children – so began my desire for K to go to DaVinci. 
Years went by and DaVinci quickly climbed the ranks becoming the #16 school last year for elementary and the #3 school district in MN out of all schools! (Standard tests). This just increased my desire for K to go to DaVinci.
Other bonus’:
Uniforms – lets face it. Kids are mean, and K is already trying to impress her preschool friends by her stylish outfits and the wearing of LIPSTICK!!!! So this is one thing we don’t need to worry about!
This school goes K-12 and has small class sizes. Max class size is 18 students, and average is 15 students per class. I take this as super awesome, and one reason I believe that their test scores are so high
Creation as a theory: I believe in the theory of creation, and a lot of public schools simply won’t broach the subject, but DaVinci will teach it as a theory at least!
Gym every day! – enough said…..
There are myriad other reasons I’ve wanted K to go here, but these are just a few.
So – this past January came by and we applied for the Lottery (cos they’re pretty popular)…I sent out prayer requests to family, friends, facebook, church, KTIS prayer works etc, took a fast from Facebook (and continued through Lent, but mostly a fast to get into DaVinci)…. and by the grace of God we ended up #4 on the  waiting list. I was very disappointed, but my cousin Heidi assured me that we’d get in for sure. I had a glimmer of hope!
And today…. THEY CALLED AND SAID THEY HAVE A SPOT!!!!!! Weeee! I literally screamed with joy when I heard my voicemail! Unfortunately all of the all day kindergarten spots are taken up already – but they had either a morning session (8am-11am) or an afternoon session (noon-3pm). I decided with my schedule we’d take the morning session. 
SO I’ll drop her off at school, and then a daycare center will pick her up at 11am – feed her lunch, and integrate her into their own programing they have until I get off work.
Because i work for the best place ever – I will just change my hours to 8:30am-4:30pm (starting tomorrow). 
Her first day of school will actually be missed however – because we will be far up north on the Pontoon Boat trip – so she’ll start school 1 week late. Anyways – I’m just completely tickled pink, and am so excited about this!!!