First Camping Trip

Well we officially survived and enjoyed our first camping trip as a full family. Jason and I both got off work early on Friday the 23rd, so we were on the road by 1:30pm. I had Tally (our daycare provider) keep Kirra up the whole morning. 1:30pm is Kirra’s normal long nap time, and the girl slept the ENTIRE way up to Lake Lydick! We were so fortunate since it is a 4 hour drive! We got up there, and Jason’s mom and dad had already set up our tent, which was really nice. I got everything organized, and it was time to just relax!

We brought the “hut hut” with, and Kirra hung out there. It was pretty windy the whole weekend, but we had plenty of warm clothes with. Kirra slept like a sleeping beauty too! She slept in heavy pj’s and then we also zipped a fleece sleep sack on her too, and she slept with a winter hat. We had some afghans and recieving blankets too. She was plenty warm!

Everyone took turns babysitting her when jason and I both wanted to get out on the boat to fish, or what not. Kirra and I also went on an “adventure” off road hike. It was a little bit of a mistake tho because when we came out of the woods I had nearly 40 woodticks on me! I’m not exagerating!

She didn’t get in the boat, but perhaps another time.

We decided to leave for home on Sunday. It was quite windy, and Tyler’s foot was being achey. Kirra was awake the entire trip home! She was in a pretty good mood, however once we got to Mora (we took a different way home) she started to get fussy, and then once we got to Cambridge there were tears Cry. All and all though she did great in the car, and out of 8 total driving ours, only 1/2 hour of crying isn’t bad at all! Kirra had barely any ticks, she stayed warm, and there was no drama/crankyness all weekend!

By Labor day Kirra will be an old pro at camping!

6 Month check Up

Kirra had her 6 month doctor appointment today. Dr. Evans couldn’t be there, so she saw Dr. Dessa instead. Kirra is all healthy, and growing wonderfuly. The doctor has no concerns. Yay! She was 14 pounds, and 13oz, and 23 and 3/4 long. So she is in the 25% for her height and weight.

We talked about all kinds of things. Here are the questions mom asked and here were the answers!!!

When can Kirra be in Chlorine Water? She can be in chlorine water now, however don’t keep her in the pool too long, for temperature reasons, and try not to let her drink too much chlorine water.

When can Kirra wear sunscreen? She can wear sunscreen now, and should wear at least SPF 15. Above SPF 15 doesn’t add that much more protection, but we can use whatever we want, as long as it is above SPF 15. She said to not smother her whole body in it, and to use a sunscreen that is geared towards kids to avoid all of the chemicals. I told her we bought a paraben, and phthalate free kind, and she thought that was a good idea.

Can Kirra wear bug spray? Yes. Aim for a DEET free version, but if that is too hard ot find than the AAP reccomends no more than 10% deet. She said in other publications it said up to 30%, but really steer away from that if possible.

Can we give her juice and water? Yes. Limit juice to 4oz per day until she is a year old, and 6oz per day from ages 1-6.

5K and shopping.

Well today Kirra was in her first 5K. My friend Julie came with us (who runs Track and CC for the U of M) and so she pushed Kirra which was very helpful since there were some monster hills! It was a very fun course, but pretty challenging for my first 5K back! My hammies are killing me! Kirra had fun tho… she slept almos the entire race. She was probably scared going down the BIG hill!

After we got home, Kirra Grandma Theo and I went to the big garage sale extraveganza in Blaine. I got Kirra some mint-condition beanie babies (woodland creatures… a squirrel, blue jay, bunny, and badger/ant eater…) and I also got her a $15-$20 Leap Frog Discovery ball for only $4.00 . My total was just $5.00. You can’t go wrong with those prices! I also picked up some glass jars for free! Sometimes they have free bins!

Tomorrow we go to my parent’s┬áhouse for mother’s day. It should be fun! Jason and Kirra made me a card, with her hand prints, and she colored with the paints on there (with her hands) it’s so precious!

May day!

Kirra has been doing really well lately. Daycare is also going quite well! We moved up a nipple size to 2’s, or medium flow, and Kirra is drinking a lot better now. She seems to do really good at Tally’s house, and doesn’t seem to be stressed out at all. I’m so glad we were able to find a good daycare for her. One that I can trust, and not have the need to call every 5 minutes to see how my little peanut is doing.

Kirra woke up last night screaming! I ran into her room like any superwoman mom would, and here she is with her leg caught, and twisted between the bars of her crib! Unfortunately it was the far side of the crib, and since i am short, I had to crawl up on the rungs of her crib to get her free, which actually wasn’t too easy! So… today I ran to Babies R Us, and got a mesh bumper for her. That way she doesn’t slip her arms/legs thru the bars, and yet if her face gets too close, she can still breathe! I also picked up some baby sunscreen for the nice days when she isn’t going to be completely covered up! I will have to ask the pediatrician about bug spray, and if it’s good for babies or not. We’re going caming in 3 weeks, and I don’t want my poor baby bit to pieces by the skeeters!

Kirra has been making stilly buzzing noises with her lips. I am almost sure she picked it up from daycare. She just started doing it on Friday night. It’s pretty funny, but probably obnoxious to other people. She has also discovered her tooties, and likes to grab ahold, and even suck on them sometimes! Too Cute!