Well we started daycare this week, and so far I think things have gone ok. Kirra has gotten herself into overstimulating situations, and couldn’t nap a few times, but generally I think we’re doing ok. I feel very good about bringing her to that location, and really like our provider.

Kirra has her very own cubby so we get to keep our stuff there, such as diapers – formula – bottles etc.

We have been going on lots of walks lately, or jogs, or rollerblading adventures. Kirra really likes being pushed in her stroller, which is nice, because I really like being outside. Kirra also loves the outdoors. We have a cute little park by our house, so we’ve gone there, and Kirra really likes the swing. Eventually we need to get an infant/toddler swing for our own swingset!

Early April

So the cold has come back to us, and I am sad! Kirra just loves going outside, and she loves her stroller! This past weekend was great because she got to be outside a lot! I need to get some sunglasses that will fit her though, because the sun keeps getting in her eyes, poor girl!

We went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday 4/7 and he gave us the “all clear” for her leg! It’s looking really good, and he is happy enough to discharge us from his care!

Kirra is still on just formula and rice/oatmeal cereal. We haven’t started any fruits or vegetables yet, although maybe in the coming weeks we will give it a try. Jason is still a stay-at-home dad, which has been working out so nice!