Big Changes

Jason informed me last week that he’s getting called back up for work, so that we needed to secure some daycare for Kirra. I called up our usual provider, however she unfortunately was full and unable to take us. Knowing that this would be a possibility last fall – I started scouting out the “what would we do if we can’t go back to Tally” question, and found a Montessori on my way to work that I really liked. Well – I toured the school, and met the director, and some of Kirra’s future teachers, and we are starting her there this Wednesday. This will have lots of structure more similar to a school than what she is used to at Tally’s. She will start out her day upstairs in the daycare area to play with friends Then they have a nutritious snack and milk Outdoor playtime (unless the temperature is below zero, or above 100) She will then move downstairs at 11:00 a.m. to the school area where she will eat her lunch that we provide, just like at “real school” School time, learning lessons etc Back upstairs after 3:30 p.m. for after school daycare We went to Target and picked out a new lunchbox for Kirra, and she picked out a purple one (which is her favorite color) that had a pretty rainbow on it, with a rainbow over the shoulder strap. She will probably be surprised at first with her lack of barbie playing time, but I think she will be excited to learn new things. I will post Wednesday night after her first class.

Rx Needed

We are in need of a tsunami of bleach in our house, or Lysol. Anything to start at House Base Zero (Hunger Games Trilogy) Kirra has either RSV or Pneumonia. She started coughing late last week, and had become progressively worse throughout the weekend. She is much more tired than usual, and coughs until she gags. Sometimes having a coughing spell most of the day/night. Jason took her into the doctor on Monday, and because she was just on abx for an ear infection the week before she (the doctor) decided to just have her be on the neb. Kirra is a great trooper on the neb. She had to be on it when she was just two months old when she had Pneumonia, and again around 15-20 months when the doctors couldn’t find out why she was coughing all the time. When she was 15-20 months she wanted nothing to do with the neb or inhaler, and just cried most of the time. Now – she just thinks its the coolest thing ever… which is good since we have to do it every 4 hours while she is awake. Kirra at 2 mos old on the neb Kirra age 4 on the neb I woke up this morning with crusty eye. Sure enough its progressed into full on pink eye round two. We have a funny tradition at my work called Pink Shirt Tuesday, because one of my co-workers wears a pink shirt almost every Tuesday… but I told him this morning that I was going to start Pink Eye Tuesday! … He didn’t think it’d catch on very fast though….

Tidbits for you to nibble on….

Man I’ve been slacking in the blogging department! here are a few Tid-bits for you to nibble on. Since New Years we’ve all gotten sick with some kind of crud. It left me with a double ear infection, and constant tinnitus, which I still have in my left year. All I hear all day and night is buzz (like a generator in the background) it is very very annoying, but there is no treatment/cure for it. Hopefully time will clear it up. When I have been able to pop/clear my ears the ringing has stopped, but only to return again. At some points I feel like I am going insaine! Kirra just had typical crud. As of this week however she’s been running a mid to higher temperature all week – but usually only in the evenings, or after her late afternoon nap. Ranging between 99.8 and 104. Last night when it was 104 it was like – ok – going to the doctor now. We brought her in, and because she doesn’t have really any other symptoms they put her on abx. We’re to wait until Monday, and if she still has a fever we’re to bring her back in on Monday. They did do a test to measure the vibrations on her ear drum which were lower than the dr. would have liked… so if we don’t have a fever, then we’ll go back in at the end of next week to get that re-checked. We’ve still been eating very healthy, and it makes us feel really good. I haven’t had a drop of pop since Christmas Eve, and I say good riddance. I don’t miss it one bit. I still indulge in my real favorites though of coffee and wine! I’m learning lots of new recipes like Tuscan Bean Stew, and Butternut Squash Soup. Not much else is new. Just trying to get healthy! Cheerio