Now mommy is sick!

Well as of last Sunday (1/4) I started getting very congested and a bad headache. This ebbed and flowed through out the week, and has now moved into my lungs. So now I don’t have a voice, and I am having coughing attacks! Hopefully Kirra didn’t give me what she had/has, or that I will make her more susceptible if she really does have asthma!

Jason and I bought Guitar Hero for our Wii, so Jason has been a Guitar Hero playing maniac. I play the drums or sing when I play.
I’ve managed to get out and go cross country skiing, and have found an indoor track for running, which is wonderful news for my training, because running in the snow that we got today doesn’t look very fun!
24 more days until we see the Pulmonary specialist and hopefully get answers!

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