Little Better

Kirra has been a little better lately. Letting her have the pacifier has really helped out a lot. She’s also been pretty clingy so I busted out my Mei Tai carrier if I need/want to get some cleaning done. Poor thing has like 4 teeth coming in.

We have playgroup tomorrow and I really hope she isn’t crabby. She’s getting a lot more used to the pulmicort nebulizer and isn’t as afraid anymore.

I’m a Method advocate where they will send you products to test out for them so they can market, or improve their products. They send you full size products that you get to keep, and then they send you 3 coupons for free products! I think it’s absolutely great!

I have Steel for Real (What i tested out) for stainless steel appliances etc. And with my coupons I got the toilet bowl cleaner which smells really nice, the daily shower spray and the little dishwasher chips.

I love the smell of all of them! If you like Method products or haven’t tried them out you really should, and you should become an advocate!

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