Happy Friday

Kirra and I had a great day today. She was good at daycare, and was in a great mood! We all had Subway for dinner. I got her a mini turkey sub with spinach on it, but Kirra didn’t seem to excited about spinach. Well what kid is? Then we went to the gym at the elementary school with some of me and Kirra’s friends from our moms group. I was hoping for a little more “toys” or what-not, but none the less it was fun to get together with some other mom friends, and Kirra enjoyed hanging out with Aiden and Dylan.

Kirra is still coughing, but we only have 13 more days before we see the pulmonologist. I’m anxious to find out what Kirra’s deal is. Being a mom is a roller coaster ride. I read this blog about this tiny little premie who is struggling every day, and I get so worried about things that are much less. Between Kirra’s broken leg, her bout of pneumonia, and now this ever-lasting cough, I just worry so much. I know she will be fine, I just want some answers.

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