Soup da loup

Well I’ve been cooking soup all day long! I got up around 8am and have been cooking soup since 8:30am. My mom and dad came over to help chop vegetables, pull meat apart, and ensure I was adding the different ingredients at the same time. Plus to make sure I added just enough of our secret ingredient.

Jason, Kirra and I went to Adventure Park today, and boy was it busy! We didn’t stay for very long at all. MAYBE and hour? There were kids everywhere, the parking lot was jam packed, so it wasn’t too fun, even though Kirra seemed to still have fun.

After that we exchanged some movies at Blockbuster, and went to Toys are Us looking for a bouncy horse for Kirra. The cost on the bouncy horse was a little much. Maybe she can have it for Easter or after we get our tax money back, so we settled on a chair instead for her. It’s a purple plush chair with Dora the Explorer.

Once we got home we had soup for dinner, cleaned up a bit, and now Jason is reading to Kirra, it’s way to precious! Once the little woman goes to bed Jason and I will watch “My best friend’s Girlfriend” with Dane Cook, and eat popcorn.

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