Back at the office Friday

Back at the office tomorrow. I did get quite a bit done, but there were a lot of other things I really wanted to get done as well. I just hope that Tally’s kids are feeling better, and that Kirra doesn’t get sick.

Saturday we’re having the water softener guy come over and tell us how to use ours. Our dishwasher has been leaving white spots on our dishes and we know it’s because of the hard water. I’m also going to be making my moms famous vegetable soup. My parents are coming over to oversee that I’m doing everything right. Later on in the afternoon I think that Jason and I are taking Kirra to Adventure Park to play.
Sunday I have my work party in the evening, where I am serving the homemade soup. The reason why I am having my parents come over to make sure I did it right. It seems pretty easy, it’s just a long process. Lots and lots of simmering.
I’ll make updates this weekend.
Be Well.

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