Happy October!

I can’t believe its October already! Where did the time go? I thought we were just getting over the winter! Its was pretty chilly today, I had to scrape my car windows because of the frost! With the scraper! ALREADY!!!

Kirra has been great. She is talking up a storm, and acting like a teenager already. She loves to say the word no. But she says it with such a sweet innocent voice. She’s starting to say the word yeah! We’ve tried to do some potty training, but she isn’t ready quite yet, which is ok too. She is good about telling us when she needs a diaper, but she doesn’t like sitting on her potty yet.
Tomorrow i’m in marathon weekend mode. I’ll be staying at the hotel and working at the RiverCentre for the first few days, and then on Sunday I’ll be at the start line and the finish line. I’ll try to take lots of pictures!
I’m going to miss Kirra and Jason though.

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