Crab Apple

Kirra has been so crabby lately! She will just cry and crab over the smallest things. And not just a little crabby, I mean life is tragic type! She will just throw herself back and cry for HOURS! We don’t know if its her new medicine, or if it’s just teething… Welcome to parenthood right?

We just don’t know how to help her. We’ve broken our ‘rules’ and let her have the pacifier outside of the crib, and if all else fails we give her a time out in her crib, because we have no idea why she throws some of these fits.

Today was fun it was my 15 year elementary school reunion with St. Mary of the Lake. It was really nice getting to see everyone again.

My cold is getting better, my voice is coming back slowly but surely, and it makes me quite happy! It’s still “there” but definitely better. Tomorrow I am going cross country skiing with my mom, and Jason will be watching the NFC championship!

Really great news… we had the refrigerator repair man come out and fix our freezer. Oh yeah! For the first time since June/July we have a freezer in our KITCHEN again. I am so very excited about this. I know going down the basement isn’t that big of a deal, but having food in the upstairs freezer is simply awesome!

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