Sitting all day is the new smoking

The first time I walked past my co-workers office a year or so ago I knew immediately something was different, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A second pass told me she had some strange contraption on her desk. After inquiring with her I learned that she was joining the Standing Desk Movement! I was really intrigued, but thought, a.) I could never do that [stand all day], and b.) could not afford it.

We have three kinds of people at my work.

* The standing desk types
* The ones that use exercise balls for chairs
* The rest of us who sit all day on regular chairs.

After another co-worker of mine joined the standing desk fad I grew increasingly more curious.

My back had been killing me, and I am incredibly inflexible to say the least. I am ALWAYS at my desk, and after some over the cubical banter about how sitting is the new smoking I began to question myself if maybe I too should join the movement.

I joked with my husband that Monday night last February (2015) that “half my co-workers” (two of them to be exact) now had standing desks, and how sitting was the new smoking, and being the health conscience person I was/am I found this absurd. My “goal in life” is to live until I’m 104. No – seriously… I have no idea why this particular number, but since a very young age I’ve wanted to live until I’m 104, so with the research out there stating that this sedentary life style (but wait I run… (sometimes…. occasionally) isn’t that good?

Research says no.

So after the last person set up their new standing desk I wanted one too on a day that I had terrible back pain, and fashioned my standing desk with a few boxes to see if I would like it.

For FIVE hours I worked like this and was instantly hooked. My handy husband had gotten off early due to a snow storm and told him that I desperately wanted one too, and could he maybe make me one? I was honestly hoping for a wooden box at most. I sent him some measurements, and what he spent the afternoon making me, made my heart swoon!

Image 555

My test run to see if I’d like it….

I had gotten home like usual and discovered my husband in the kitchen with a brand new saw working away like a busy bee!

Image 556Image 557

After using my standing desk for a year or so now… I would say I use it 70% of the time. There are certainly days where I want to wear my high heels and by 1pm my feet are SCREAMING at me. So then I just take everything down, and put my lifted desk on my back credenza and sit for the next week or so.

This model while 100% custom built does require about 5 minutes of arranging my desk when going between sitting and standing and vis- versa.. I don’t really mind though. I usually place my monitor(s) (I now have two) on the actual standing desk, as I forgot that I had placed them on the upper portion of my desk. I may have to go back to this as I’m running out of room with the two monitors!

Like Breanne (my super talented friend,blogger and co-worker), I also learned a few things.

  • My high heels aren’t always going to cut it! On these days I often resort back to sitting.
  • While taking a Twitter break – I can also take a 100-up break to improve on my running!
  • I notice that mundane things such as standing at an expo for 8 hours, or waiting in lines at Valley Fair are no longer painful since I’m quite used to standing now.
  • I feel overall healthier when standing.
  • Like Breanne, when walking to the printer, or kitchen for a refill on water I feel more power to just go.

So would I recommend a standing desk?

Absolutely! I feel personally, that it is beneficial to have the option to switch back to a sitting desk. There are days that I just want to sit. Call it old habits, or laziness, but there are just days that I’m going to be more productive sitting down.

I just put my desk back to standing? Perhaps I’ll try to streak from now through April! We shall see, but either way… if you have the option to get up… stand up… I highly encourage you to try!

Minnesota – Week 20

Week 20 of 2014! We are sadly, almost half way through yet another year – and only now at week 20 are things finally underway in the Spring department! Today we hit an astonishing 85 degrees!

K officially started soccer practice, and today at practice it was my task to bring the treats! (each parent brings each week, and I happened to be the first one)Oh what pressure.

I mean – as the first one… I am the person who will set the stage for snacks to come. Will “my snacks” suck? I wanted to bring something healthy, but not 100% overboard in the crunchy department. Truth – I would not be handing my daughters teammates dried edamame or pancetta wrapped asparagus with cream cheese.

K had a blast playing. Meanwhile I was handed her soccer uniform which was just too cute, as well as a car decal (which I am becoming dangerously close to having THIS car

and a card that I had to sign that I swore not to be a douche bag parent that yells at the kids, coach or referees.

 Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.22.25 PM

Minnesota – Week 13


Its finally April, yet it does still look like late February up here in Minnesota, and its going to get worse before it gets better.

After I’ve realized I am NOT getting to the gym like I used to, I invested in a set of Kettlebells. I found a few videos I like online from Pinterest, and its been going alright. (Okay I’ll be honest.. I’ve used them three times.)

I’ve also just started “running” again which I’ll use that term loosely, because usually I am such a fair weather runner kind of girl. For the most part all of the conditions have to be just right, or this girl aint gettin’ on her running shoes! Sometimes I like to run in wild weather, but mostly I’m picky… and full of excuses. Really I’m an excuse factory.

After a long sabbatical from running completely I’m ready to start again. This time focusing on shorter distances, since I feel this is where my sweet spot really lies. My PR is a 23:00 5K and this year I want to beat it. (I said it, and now I’m scared. I want to take it back, that was 11 years ago….What if I fail?)  I have completely started over doing a couch to 5K program basically, because sadly that’s where I’m at. I think I could run for 3-4 miles straight, but it would be ugly, and my body would feel betrayed for days. So instead I’m taking it slow, and steady, and after I’ve been reconditioned I will really start training!

In addition to the 5Ks, I may possibly do a Sprint Triathlon or two since I absolutely love Tris… but nothing has been set in stone as of now,which is quite fine by me. In order to practice the swimming discipline that would involve going to the gym, and we’ve already covered that. I haven’t signed up for anything yet, and I like the lack of pressure that not being signed up for races brings.

In the past I would sign up for races and say to others that I sign up so, “I will run” and then feel overly pressured into training and agonize over missed runs, and eventually feel like a failure. So I’m not signing up for anything yet. I want to run because I like it, not because I have to for training.

When I need motivation, I usually turn to Pinterest to look at all of the inspirational quotes and pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

So tell me… how do you stay motivated to lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement? Please drop a line below, and share a thought or two 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.35.36 PM

Here’s to lacing up!