Minnesota – Week 20

Week 20 of 2014! We are sadly, almost half way through yet another year – and only now at week 20 are things finally underway in the Spring department! Today we hit an astonishing 85 degrees!

K officially started soccer practice, and today at practice it was my task to bring the treats! (each parent brings each week, and I happened to be the first one)Oh what pressure.

I mean – as the first one… I am the person who will set the stage for snacks to come. Will “my snacks” suck? I wanted to bring something healthy, but not 100% overboard in the crunchy department. Truth – I would not be handing my daughters teammates dried edamame or pancetta wrapped asparagus with cream cheese.

K had a blast playing. Meanwhile I was handed her soccer uniform which was just too cute, as well as a car decal (which I am becoming dangerously close to having THIS car

and a card that I had to sign that I swore not to be a douche bag parent that yells at the kids, coach or referees.

 Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.22.25 PM

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