Too jazzed up

So I’m way too jazzed up to fall asleep, so I decided to blog,and update my design, because I have total ADD and can’t stand to have the same design for more than a few weeks, but hey! At least I’ve had the same e-mail address for a whole year. Small steps!

Monday was the 2nd Annual – Red,White & Boom! TC Half Marathon. I had to wake up at 2:00 a.m. to meet up with my co-helpers Andrea & John to set up the course. We had a bit too much fun at 3:00 a.m. almost walking right in front of a semi truck in our zombie like state,and then nearly poking out Andrea’s eyes with the tip of the mile marker. But the real fun happened at mile 7 when Andrea almost killed John and I with her Mini-van. I’m for real LOLing right now, and almost choking! We were parked on a small hill and Andrea thought her car was in park. John and I were standing outside at the hatch trying to open her door, when John shouts to me, “oh my God, L watch out…” at this point I noticed the van coming at me with increasing speed. I run into a grassy median and watch as Andrea starts running after her car which is rolling backwards down the hill and  trying to get back in her van while it rolled down the hill toward Johnson. She made it with no casualties including her van. HHAHAH. I practically fell down in the grass rolling and laughing. We were now all even for nearly getting killed.

The race went off without a hitch and I enjoyed the rest of my day at the beach then napping,then watching fireworks with a friend and K.

Now laying in bed here… not tired…[this is what happens when you run twice and play tennis in one day] ~ I keep thinking of how to make my garage sale great! I want this stuff to sell like hotcakes, so I’m pricing everything to sell and to make $$$. If you have any super amazing tips feel free to comment. I hardly get any comments on my blog so this would easily be as exciting as Christmas.

Well its now 12:30. I can almost hear Caribou Coffee calling my name in the morning…but first I gotta fall asleep. 🙂

UPDATE: So I went to bed for about 8 minutes but somehow my house has been invaded by mosquito’s! Those little bastards are in my bedroom biting me! I HATE them. I already look like I have small pox because they’ve been particularly bad this summer….I’m considering spraying Deep Woods Off all over me! (kind of gross though). Here’s to me NOT being dinner!

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