Skating time! Round two!

Well Jason and I decided now that Kirra has smaller skates thanks to her cousin Bella, we’d give it another go…Plus Kirra has been begging us to take her skating since her and I watched Nationals on TV. We got out there and at first Kirra was really scared although functional! I just told her to walk normal on the ice…

We got the pusher around her while Jason was in front, and I was behind her kind of holding her up, while she held onto the pusher to get her comfortable and re-assured on the ice.

Eventually she felt sturdy enough for just one of us to hold the pusher because she tried to skate too fast and would fall on her butt. At first she enjoyed hanging onto the front bar,although she was supposed to hang onto the top curves…so her steering was pretty bad!
After we got her to hang on the top and LOOK where she was going…I held the pusher in front to keep her from going too fast, but she was doing pretty good pushing her mama around the rink! We even made it around the rink about 6 times before she declared her tiredness! That’s about $2 per loop for us! HAHAH.

Jason and Kirra were pooped out, and I wanted to let loose a bit, so I fired off some more loops fast to compensate for our entry fee. There were far too many people on the ice with little kiddo’s so I couldn’t do any spins or jumps.
O’well. I’ve learned that teaching Kirra how to ice skate is going to take LOADS and LOADS of patience, but she really enjoys it, and I enjoy watching her skate as I had all those years ago, and with her puffy pink coat, she kind of looks like the little pig! 🙂

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