XC Ski

Well I went with my mom and her co-worker XC Skiing today! It was so much fun, but I think I toasted them on the trails! I remember a time that my mom was in better ski shape than me, but I think because of all of the working out i’ve done over the past week or two I’ve already become stronger!

It was REALLY warm out today… probably close to 50. I easily could have been in a tank top, which seems ridiculous given the amount of snow that is still left. I could get used to this though! If today was my last time XC Skiing of the season I won’t be terribly depressed… but it would be nice maybe one more time. We’ll see.

I tried to “run” most of the time, or at least double pole with a kick like my old co-worker taught me, but I quickly found myself way ahead of my mom, especially when it came to hills. It felt great, but my arms are still tired from Spin class!

Well… toodles!

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