Bait and Hook…

Tonight was Spin class again with “Crazy Don”…

I got to class and it was slightly less busy than the last time (yes I’ve been on a hiatus because of a vacation…. please forgive me… but hey! I’m back). I got my bike and was able to be a little bit more in the back this time, which my view was better because I could see myself in the mirror. I know… totally ridiculous, but I like to check on my form now and again!

My shorts too short for spin class today. Totally fine for running…. but not Spin…especially when there is a guy behind me! Last time my capris were too hot, today…I need more coverage. Eventually I’ll figure it out but hey… I didn’t have wool sox on today!!!

The cycling seemed a bit easier… I think he went easier on us tonight. We still had some ferocious hills and did that ridiculously hard to keep up push up routine… but time seemed to go by faster anyways… I’d like to atribute that to my skills.. .haha.

So… after an EXCEPTIONALLY hard climb to the song “I had the time of my life”/origional version…which Don said his new lyrics and ours should be “I had the climb of my life” (yes I got stuck, because I turned it [the dial] up too high, I couldn’t pedal at all…) our amazing instructor DON…. passed out chocolate truffles to everyone! I really couldn’t believe it, but I think he’s on to something…. he said its the only way he’s going to get us to keep coming back on Fridays.

I take back what I said about him being a Nazi Slave Driver… well… sort of. He really did whip us hard two weeks ago, because I was about in tears, but today we have a great workout, AND he hands out chocolates! I love it. If he hands out wine at class next Friday I’ll never skip again… but I’ll live with truffles…

Of course we paid for it by finishing up with a hard sprint, but the delicious truffle was sooo worth it!

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