Thanks to a friend of mine we got an unlimited wristband for Nick Universe at the Mall of America, and Jason and I have season pass to underwater world, so we though since it was going to be a crappy Saturday outside we’d go INSIDE! We met up with Missy, Brian and the kids.

We were hoping that since Kirra had so much fun on the man-powered rides at the Renaissance Festival, we’d get lucky and she’d like real rides, and boy she didn’t disappoint! Here are some fun highlights of the day!
Kirra and I on the Diego bus… which made me really dizzy
Jason & Kirra on the little rollercoaster! Weee
She even got to meet Dora!!!
So did we…
Next it was time for the Log Ride! Yes… they let her on it! You
can see in the video… she is in the very front, and I’m second.
That’s probably me who is screaming!
The Wonder Pets ride! She loved it.
In the video as you can see from the photo above,
Kirra is second in from the left
Blue’s Clues with Gabby
Hot air balloon ride with Daddy
And because Saturday at the MOA wasn’t enough, we took Kirra sledding down a HUGE hill on Sunday too!

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