Spin Cycle

Today I went to my first Spin Class since 2005 maybe 2006. As I got there I saw the class was jam packed for a Friday night jaunt. That sort of made me feel better, that I would blend in!

The instructor who looked about 75 years old helped me get set up, and off and going! We started out the spin class all nice with a few hills and warming up, and then the Nazi Slave Driver in him came out! I thought I was going to die or pass out a few times! I DEFINITELY hit my lactic threshold a few times!

His favorite line was to ask everyone in class: “If you’re going to puke…where do you puke?” and then everyone screamed out… “To the Right”… I thought oh boy what did I get myself into, and wow, puking sounds so appealing right now!

I was so hot and not sweating very well, so next time I do spin I need to be well hydrated ahead of time! All I wanted to do the second half of class was run outside into a snow bank!

I know if I attend regularly that it will help me improve my biking technique… so I will go back and spin with crazy Don again.

Kirra undoubtedly had a blast again in the kids area!

Till next time!

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