Finishing up January

Well the first month of the year went really pretty well! I got to see my super good friend from the Navy, and Kirra has settled into her new routine with Daddy (who is a stay at home dad again)…

Although having my camera back I haven’t found much time to go out and take photos. Lame hu? Hopefully February will provide me with more opportunities to photograph! I have some portraits lined up, and a vacation too… so that should be good.
I ended up quitting my part time job. I loved working with them, but decided it was too much on my plate, especially in the summer. I was a bit stressed out last year with all of the things I was trying to juggle and decided that this year should be different.
This weekend I’ve stayed in mostly all weekend. I started feeling sluggish Friday and Saturday, and then Saturday night I really started to feel ill. I thought maybe I was just tired since it was a headache…but now I have a sore throat too :(…I went to go to the minute clinic but it was a three hour wait…and then I went to Target’s clinic but they were all full…so I will just go in-in the morning.
I went to Black Swan with my sister and brother’s girlfriend on Saturday which was really good!
Well I’m off for bed. I should rest so I can make it into work tomorrow!

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