Clean Eating

Jason and I watched a documentary last week called Forks over Knives which was about eating whole foods and eating a plant based diet. We researched it – checked out numerous library books, and cookbooks. I had previously read a book called the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and watched Food Inc. and Meet your Meat. We first thought about entertaining a full out vegan diet. Free of any animal products, and were going to try that for a month and see what results we got. (After you watch Meet your Meat you’ll want to entertain the idea as well). After scouting out the options,we settled on a happy medium [for us]. We’re going to cut out red meat, but will eat fish and chicken [caught ourselves/raised humanely]. We also plan to add a lot more whole grains, fruits, vegetables,and definitely WHOLE FOODS. I am personally going to cut out dairy. Do any kind of research and you’ll know why. Cheese is going to be very very difficult. Not because I munch on cheese all day or NEED to have it in everything, but because many recipes call for it. I will try though. We will substitute some of our chicken and fish meals with beans for protein and hopefully see better results, a healthier body and minds. We’re going to kick the habit (again) of eating junky processed foods and focus on healthier eating. We did try this back in February-April, and fell off the wagon,but hopefully with dedication, and better meal and SNACK planning we will stay on. And hey – if we fall off we can always get back on. One slip up doesn’t mean the end of healthy eating! So I will blog about our journey once a week and let you know how its going. Bon Appétit

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